Baltimore Key Bridge #36 – The Hoisted Truck, Zero Mud, Zero Damage, Pristine

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Video from anonymous worker.

Jeff Ostroff notes how ‘unified command’ has been reticent with details regarding workcrew, work vehicles, body recovery, etc.

Truck recovered on 18 April.

No mud.

No damage, except visibly slight damage to left-front wheel (probably occured during collapse).

Its orange plastic sides were intact.

Its rear yellow bumpers, designed to readily accept damage (from oncoming/crashing vehicles), appeared entirely undamaged.

Its rear window was unbroken.

Side windows and front windshield also unbroken.

Very clean, looked almost brand new.

Unmarked white, also, MDTA or other markings at all.

No lighting package on top of cab (no yellow/green warning flashers).

Even loose items sitting in the rear bed of the truck were present and apparently undamaged.

The recovery lift had also been made from nearer to the Dali than away from it, which seems curious because the workcrew in the original night time video appear to be on the north side of the channel, further from the Dali.

So this truck had been sitting down there, for 3 weeks or so.

Lack of mud is most telling, disturbing.

Curious tidbit ~ 10:00 in — “DoJon Marine showed up and saved the day” RE Mercedes-I freighter that beached in 1984 freak storm in backyard beach socialite of Mollie Wilmot, Florida.  Immediately next-door was the Kennedy estate (political dynasty family).

Note that vehicles involved in cleanup / aftermath of DEW attacks, particularly in Paradise, California and Lahaina, Hawaii, are always photographed as pristine, brand new, unmarked, white.

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