Baltimore Key Bridge #5 – Expert mariner and other analyses – theories sans DEW all fail to logically explain all evidence

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GPS Track
Electrical failures at-dock before departure
per posts on youtube comments & reddit


3 generators, 2 should have been running.

The navigation lights should have never gone out.

Preferential electrical load circuitboard trips.

“For a ship to blackout while 2 generators are running means they both malfunctioned at the same time. …fuel-related or switchboard-related failures most likely …switchboard-related although possible is quite improbable…it would involve a lot of malfunction parts or even human intervention like someone doing electrical repairs on the main switchboard [or sabotage, or remote-control] which is a little bit unthinkable while the ship is moving.” — 14:19 in

The black smoke is still inexplicable.  It was not the main engines.

“It’s really strange because priot to the blackout [#1] there was no black smoke.” ~18:20

Ship bridge voice recorder VR confirms order to Anchor down.  Lost rudder control.  Ship unresponsive.  Power failing.

And yet, not a far more believable (and likely) glancing blow, but instead a PERFECT bullseye strike to take down the bridge.

Notice the western concrete “dolphin” was perfectly missed — it seems that this ship was effectively an expertly guided missile




Peggy Hall offers good analyses of the Baltimore Key Bridge Event — here is my commentary —


“Wait until the dead bodies are found in some of the shipping containers removed from the DALI”… — just kidding.  Or maybe not.  (such would match-up with predictive programming in THE WIRE season 2 episode 1 and others)



Anyway, in this video, PH points out that all the construction crew members who were reportedly killed have not been identified —

from a comment: “”If the emergency responders were able to clear the bridge of all traffic [within seconds before collapse], how is it they were not able to [alert] the constructino crew?” — 13:3- in —- also, the fire rescue audio (which came after the MDTA call, reportedly, confusingly, impossibly (?)) records one responder as driving from bridge end to end, and you can see the flashing lights atop a vehicle that seems to correspond to his audio — while listening, I wondered why he did not stop at the construction crew and tell them to escape).”  The fire rescue audio is here:

“The harbor pilot in control of the ship Dali, Ira Schlomowitz, a dual-citizen from Tel-Aviv, claimed he didn’t know what happened to the ship before he immediately boarded a plane to Israel to recuperate…”
PH brings up the great anomalies (‘impossibilities’) about no visible wake and now bow-displacement of water — both strangely absent, expected with such a massive object moving quickly (8 knots).
“The lack of wake and lack of bow-waves is remarkable and great evidence of video fakery. Signs up in harbor waterways implore captains to keep speed under 6 knots due to wake possibly harmful to moored boats. DALI was moving at 8 knots; wake from such massivity moving fast should have been clearly visible.”
Also interesting the observation of the bright light moving quickly, multiple times, from right to left above bridge girders seemingly in the far distance/height.



Mayor Brandon Scott (Francis Scott Key, namegame)



Salvadore Dali painting THE BROKEN BRIDGE

(Recall Dali also noted as guest at “Illuminati Ball” — 1972 pictures on youtube)

Comment: “Maryland’s governor Wes Moore has already said he will ban all gas powered cars by 2035. So much for pro-choice. Baltimore is the #1 importer of foreign built vehicles at least on the east coast if not the entire US. I would guess that most of these are gas powered vehicles, so it’s starting 10 years ahead of schedule.”


Note that the Key Bridge incident, collision, allision, event, etc has not been identified as an “accident” by any official news / authorities (except the BBC).

Maryland Harbor Pilots Association — still hiding identities of DALI pilots.

Something strange is the religious ministering to the crew.  This strangeness has occurred in past calamities involving stalled, damaged, immovable ships.  Anyone attempting to board the ship who is not a minister, etc. is subject to steep penalties.  Maritime law is different than what most undestand.  WORDS MATTER INCREDIBLY.  There’s no conspiracy to this as it has always been common.  Also, with potentially billions at-stake with liability and insurance, it’s not really surprising that identities are being withheld and access strictly limited.  Culpability will never be determinable with so much money involved, even moreso since high intrigue, military weaponry, officials and  and celebrities are involved.

27 day journey to Sri Lanka, supposedly.

21 crew members are Indian except one person (captain?)

“There’s always a GoFundMe after the indcidents…” LOL ~29:25 into video



Sacrificed workers?

Why are the identities being kept secret?  Why is a GoFundMe available for anonymous / unidentified / generalized benefactors?

Before this Key Bridge toppling, state of Maryland had been gutting the budget for bridges. 21:00 into video

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Key.  LOL namegame  Obama Osama

Two weeks on, one victim unnamed; captain unnamed, crew unnamed, pilot(s) unnamed —


Dorian.  Dorlean.  1:40, 1:27, 1:28.  No mayday call recordings.  Yipyap Chitterchatter.  All the usual confetti and glitter cannon-spewed in all psyop coverup incidents past.

No mayday call record.

No name of captain.

No name of habor pilots.

“That is how They bamboozle you.”  “This is how the Bad Guys do it: They hook you emotionally.  They give you lots of confusing and conflicting information with a lot of holes in the story.  And then They start pushing forth the narrative of what They want.  In this case They’ve clearly stated that They want to Build Back Better.”


“Bridge incident highlights that not one single branch of gubmint is trusted to tell the truth about what happened.”


There was a spy thriller TV show in 2010 entitled ‘Rubicon’ about an analyst think-tank trying to head off the next big terrorist event.  They fail, and only realize after the event how all the pieces fit. I loved it. Great show.  To quote this review, ( ): “…the big scheme by the conspirators is to sink an oil tanker in Galveston Bay, thus shutting down the port where around a quarter of oil enters the US. This in turn cripples the refineries in Texas, sends oil prices soaring, and damages the US economy, but also provides a great opportunity for insider trading and massive profits.”  Can you see what I’m pointing to, with the above? It’s not the same port, but taking out Baltimore port is very similar in effect. In the show they sunk a tanker, in our world they sunk a bridge, but it will have the same effect.”

“To take down our history… they took down statues and are trying to change the way people think of our founding fathers. So a bridge named Francis Scott key is a perfect way to do that. They will most likely change the name of it to something like “George Floyd bridge”” (Build Back Better Biden Bridge)

“Biden government quickly volunteered to pay for a new bridge because the insurance companies would have investigated the incident to find fault.”

“MDTA Maryland Transportation Authority headquarters is actually immediately to the north end of the Key Bridge. I thought the near-instant response to the supposed mayday call was fishy. Even with the HQ right there, the 30-second response time (literally) is still fishy. Also fishy is the reportedly initial call to MDTA — out of all authorities to call, MDTA does not seem to be high on the list, at least not as high as VHF channel 16 emergency hailing channel, or 911 on every cellphone. This entire incident is another 911 pre-planned calamity all over again. It shares every hallmark of deception.”

“Bridge incident highlights that not one single branch of gubmint is trusted to tell the truth about what happened.”

“The CIA admitting proudly that they lied is like a friend admitting that they lie.  You are instantly and forever wary of being their next victim, and rightly so.”

“The Nike swoosh is backwards. The image is flipped horizontally. Turn it the right way and the USA eagle looks to our right, to the eagle’s left. Left-hand-path of Satanism?”

The saddened onlookers staged photo location found — It’s on Bay Rd in Riviera Beach / Stony Point, Md.

Fort Armistead.  Fort Howard.  Fort Smallwood.  Fort McHenry.  Fort Carroll.  Baltimore is rife with “star fort” ancient history and intrigue.  Youtuber MICHELLE GIBSON covers this heavily, along with AUTODIDACTIC, JON LEVI and many others.

Great info in this video on Pelosi family, outrageous corruption, paedophilia, etc.

“The bridge was taken down because the footings of the Key Bridge were already constricting the shipping channel width and could not be moved. Melt the support girders at the two pilings, remote-control a ship and use it as a missile to fake-out one of the pillars, knock the whole thing down, have cover stories built onion-deep, and there will be instant funding, public outcry immediately assuaged, and an inversion to payola and future great gains.

“It’s brilliant, except for the massive steel girders with all paint burned off, laying wilted, draped over top of the north pillar like wet noodles. Ooops.


“The interviewer says, ‘That’s brilliant, thank you,’ as if to say, ‘good job, you said what we needed you to say’.”  This rings spot-on.  No full-front image.  No name.  No addresses.  No date.  No location.  Totally random, unsubstantiable.

Interesting fact: THE WIRE shot in Baltimore.  Season 2 Episode 1 has boat with electrical problems, dead engines, blocking shipping channel, stopped right at the same south pillar of Key Bridge.  Season 5 is all about fake news creation, using unsubstantiated, anonymous sources.  And now, DAVID SIMON creator of THE WIRE is writing commentary specifically on this incident.

Jesus campos. Was also the name of the guy who “stopped” the Vegas shooting.

the sideways-interviewed ‘witness’ is identified, of course with a nondescript name, tought to trace.

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