Baltimore Key Bridge #6 – FSKB Predictions – 26 Mar 2024

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FSKB Predictions


YouTube posting account killed

YT owning account killed

YT video downed

FSKB Predictions

North Pillar

Mass media, Federal agencies all ignoring North Pillar, avoidance of close-ups or discussion.

North pillar was cleaned up out-of-logical-order, before it needed to be, ignoring economic sense.

North Pillar water monument marker?  North Pillar will remain as monument, also in center-island along with Fort Carroll and act as another “dolphin” against future allisions with the new wider, taller bridge.

Replacement bridge, a cable-span/suspended type, much taller, with much wider footing/support-pillars will incorporate the existing North Pillar in some way — lighthouse, center-marker of bi-directional shipping channels, maybe as some integral part of the new bridge’s footings.

Fort Carroll

Destruction of Ft Carroll Old World Island (or perhaps its exhibition as lighthouse and would-be “dolphin” in the new ‘center-island’ pathway between two widely-separated shipping channels — one on either side of Fort Carroll.  Ft Carroll will be “unexpectedly” expensive due to buried metal and stone shafts, cables.


6-6-6 — $60 million for initial cleanup.  $600 million for full cleanup, redredging, expansion.  $6 billion for replacement bridge.

More deaths?

Will another 3 persons be killed in the cleanup or rebuild, to make up the vaunted 9 victims?

Name of Replacement Bridge

(26 Mar 2024) — Name of replacement bridge will NOT be patriotic and may reference something divisive, upsetting.

(10 Apr 2024; found 4 May 2024) — Civil rights groups push to rename Baltimore bridge because of namesake’s links to slavery; They are recommending the bridge be renamed after the late U.S. Rep. Parren J. Mitchell, the first Black Marylander to be elected to the House of Representatives.


6 Apr Predictions

— North Pillar will be “cleaned” — the “impossibly wilted” structural steel girders draped and drooping will be removed out-of-logical order — the “wilted gun” evidence will be removed before practically anything else is done.

— Thermal scans will be carried out, showing metal having residual heat, inexplicable except via eddy current induction heating from microwaves.

— Unexpectedly quick / ahead-of-schedule cleanup, seemingly miraculous, until you understand that so much of the steel girders were dustified by the microwaves.  As of 4 May this is bearing out.

— Fault will be blamed on electrical problems…per reddit posts and YT comments about longshoremen and even crew knowing about a problem.

— Something bad will happen to Fort Carroll because of all this nearby calamity.  It will be destroyed, or ‘have to be’ destroyed, etc.  Anything to remove more of the Old World antiquitech infrastructure — see youtubers Michelle Gibson, Berserker Bear, Autodidactic, Jon Levi, Martin Liedtke, The Archiver and many more.


Other Targets

Next Target – Big bridge over Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon?


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