Baltimore Key Bridge #74 – Many containers aboard DALI suffered amazingly radical tinfoil-like crumpling and insta-rusting; Image search shows nothing similar, ever

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Spectacularly unusual damage abounds, but only on DALI

Most of the containers aboard DALI, most of their surfaces were never touched by anything. The damage appears to have been caused by some invisible force — because that is precisely what caused most of the damage, the amazingly radical “tin-foil-like” crumpling and insta-rusting.

Before DALI, images of similar-crushed / “crumpled like tin-foil” containers are unfindable. That kind of amazing damage, when the containers were not directly, physically crushed by anything, is impossible to find because it can not exist sans the steel-wilting force of self-magnetization and molecular disassociation caused by Directed Energy Weapons.

Real, non-DEW damage

No “crumpled tin-foil” damage

No insta-rust

Containers aboard DALI – Amazingly radical tinfoil-like crumpling and insta-rusting

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