Baltimore Key Bridge #44 – The meme of “so much debris” versus recovery of bodies

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So Much Debris

Parroted in every press conference, “there’s so much debris” sounds like a predictive-programming meme.

In contrast, considerable debris seems to be missing.

Both night-time videos show several solid black silhouetted beams apparently “dustify”, seeming to become grainy and transparent — appearing to literally “dissolve” into dust — as they pull apart and fall away. [1]  Similar effects were witnessed during the 911 event at WTC in NYC. [2]

SONAR images of the aftermath [3] show what appear to be substantially absent trusswork, particularly the tallest central portion of the bridge.

Explanations of “pancaking” [4] and ‘deep mud’ preliminarily theorized [5] were subsequently abandoned, as the mud is only five to ten feet thick and therefore insufficient to have obscured so much material. [6]

Does missing material better explain the otherwise miraculously quick progress of clean-up?

There were four vehicles clustered atop the road surface; at least two have been recovered.  Essentially everything else is huge structural steel girders.  Main night-time video of the collapse shows generally where the work vehicles entered the Patapsco River thus curtailing the necessary search area.  In fact, removing rubble would seemingly disturb these important metrics.  Had water currents moved bodies, they likely would have already surfaced downstream as “floaters”.

Massmedia has reported a swirl of: ‘mass casualty event’ with up to 13 persons to rescue; then 8 bodies to recover, then 6 (because 2 persons were rescued promptly), then 4.  As of 2 May, five victims have been publicly identified and one identity has been identified only as “Carlos”.  This painfully drawn-out ambiguity taints relief and GoFundMe efforts, none of which identify victims, families or beneficiaries. [7]

What had begun as “priority number-one” was not even mentioned at all in a press conference that identified ‘opening the channel’ as primary goal. [8]

Confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty, particularly under intense attention, are hallmark ‘red flags’.  Respect and closure demand promptest accuracy.  After 911, identities of 19 hijackers and Osama mastermind were known unimpeachably within hours.  Here now with no attempted concealment: Why any delay at all?

Entire Site Scourable Several Times Over Within Hours Not Weeks

Officials and massmedia drone-on about ‘human divers, unable to see’; a litany seemingly red-herring. [9]

A remote-controlled camera and lights with cable-fed power could search 24/7 via comfortably-manned shifts until all vehicles and/or bodies are located.

The 1,200-foot length of the center-span is shy of a quarter-mile.  A 100-foot wide debris field would yield 120,000 square feet, only a portion of which would require searching.

Divided by 720 hours in the elapsed month, per-hour that’s only 160 square feet (the size of a small bedroom) to be searched for any vehicle and/or body.

If visibility were limited to just one single square inch immediately in front of a remote camera, that would allow searching 32 square inches per minute (about 6-inches by 6-inches) — in other words, more than plenty of time for an inch-by-inch methodical visible search having 100% certainty by direct, recorded, easily-viewable scrutiny.

Easily calculable absurdity therefore comicalizes all further delay: Every inch of the plausible debris field could have been searched several times over already, with a single submersible.  Each removal of kilotons debris leaves ever-less obstacle.

Several major government agencies unified in the effort.  Millions of dollars funding with essentially unlimited resources and top talent available.  A full nation if not world of focus.  Stupendous economic imperative.  Yet there are Zero submersibles searching 24/7 for vehicles and bodies.  Is that even remotely believable?

In this increasingly (seemingly) contrived mess, basic numbers do not compute.  What is the true motive for ongoing delay?

[1]  Videos and images of dustifying girders becoming transparent.

[2]  Images of dustification during 911 WTC event.

Structural steel girders turn into dust whilst falling — “dustification” ostensibly caused by directed energy weapons.  See also DR JUDY WOOD, HUTCHISON EFFECT, LOCKHEED MARTIN, RAYTHEON,,
[3]  SONAR images of aftermath showing missing material.

[4]  “Pancaking” explanation

[5]  ‘deep mud’ explanation

[6]  Mud depth of 5- to 10-feet.

[7]  GoFundMe absent beneficiary identities.

[8]  Press conference with clearing channel as primary objective.


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