Baltimore Key Bridge #43 – The Collapse in Reverse – Look at all that orange-hot superheated steel

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Baltimore’s Key Bridge was built when cargo ships were much smaller than at present.  The bridge could not be raised, and its support pillars (which were already constricting maximum shipping-channel width) could not be widened.  Therefore, to allow ever-larger ships more often, the Key Bridge had to be replaced.  Rather than fighting the ‘impossible’ consequent politics and economics, the bridge was destroyed on-purpose, thus inverting all objections and obstacles: Instead of resistance to a replacement bridge there is now public outcry, immediate full funding and likely payola.  These and related aspects for motive are detailed in Part 4.

No known loading can cause wilting evidenced in aftermath ‘molten, drooping’ girders draping over the North Pillar. However, superheating of the girders by directed energy weapons seemingly best explains the evidence.

BELOW: Animated GIF showing the “10 seconds of Hell” at Baltimore’s Key Bridge, where Directed Energy Weapons melted the structural steel girders and left them draped over, hanging from the North Pillar.

BELOW: MP4 video of the 10 horrible seconds, forwards then backwards, that indicate an awful future ahead, as the banditos continue their fiery attacks with their New Kind of energy weapon…Paradise, California; Amarillo, Texas; Lahaina, Hawaii, Chile; Australia; Greece; Portugal; Spain; etc.

It is common technique in law enforcement to have a suspect repeat their story backwards.  It’s not so easy to lie under pressure, and it is harder still to lie in reverse.  Many criminals are snared and crimes revealed via this simple, proven technique.

(( 1 ))

Let’s examine the Key Bridge ‘take-down’ crime in reverse, starting with the aftermath that shows massive structural steel girders that held up the gargantuan weight of the bridge for decades now wilted, draped and drooping over the north tower like wet noodles or taffy on a hot summer day.

Structural steel girders that had supported the Key Bridge for decades are draped, drooping over the North Pillar like wet noodles or taffy on an hot summer day. Orange- and yellow-hot fiery outbursts visible in the original night-time footage indicate near-instantenous superheating of the girders. If not by Directed Energy Weapons, by what mechanism is the evidence better explained?
Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons?
Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons? What else can do this? President Reagan announced such “STAR WARS” technology in 1983.

(( 2 ))

Next, let’s start with this footage

“Dispatch audio captures horror of moment bridge collapses, emergency crews respond in Maryland”

(( 3 ))

And then break it down into individual jpg images.

ZIP of North Pillar JPG images

(( 4 ))

And then re-assemble those jpg images into a forward-playing video.

(( 5 ))

And then re-assemble those jpg images into a reverse-playing video.

I see some gargantuan fiery outbursts, impossible to explain except by Directed Energy Weapons,

++ on both sides of the North Pillar — to frame-right, near the pillar, but also above-left near the top-most girders where there is another small ‘fireball’ – watch in fullscreen;

++ and also above-left of the South Pillar (near the ship);

++ and also to the left of the South Pillar (which seems to be the initial weapons strike).

I also see “dustification” at specific points along some of the steel girders, where the girders visibly change from black/opaque solid structural steel into transparent dust that seems to ‘hang’ in mid-air as dust does.

“Dustification” was coined by Dr Judy Wood to explain the same effect witnessed in footage of the 911 WTC event.

Below, at WTC on 911, the massive industrial steel girders turn into dust in real-time and blow away.  Compare to the footage of Baltimore’s Key Bridge with sold structural steel girders turning into dust whilst in mid-air.

Solid steel core girders turn into dust whilst falling — “dustification” ostensibly caused by directed energy weapons, verified by Lockheed Martin DEW advertising; see also HUTCHISON EFFECT

In my opinion, this combined series of ‘impossible’ anomalies is best explained by the published effects of military-grade directed energy weapons, dating back decades publicly to 1983 President Reagan revelation and most likely before.  The implications of these visible, irrefutable facts are troubling.

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