Baltimore Key Bridge #52 – Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story – curated, factual, painful

“This was a trillion-dollar costly event, ongoing, and yet all culpable persons remain unnamed, kept totally anonymous, with some reportedly having been slyly ‘escaped’ from the country! There is, in fact, zero publicly-verifiable evidence that any genuine Captain, Pilots or Crew ever existed; was DALI a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from its outset? No waves nor sounds at all were recorded nor reported by any nearby persons nor cameras. No interviews exist with supposed survivors; “family and friends” etc interviews reveal ‘dupers-delight’ micro-facial-expressions with other hallmarks suggestive of fraud. Rampant is the extremely suspicious damage with blatantly visible, verifiable anomalies totally inexplicable (and ignored) by official theory or story. Grand payola galore is already underway with loads more coming. This is another audacious yet sublime crime, militarized from gov to salvage to rebuild. There was no rescue skiff on scene as required by OSHA. No horn blasts from ship warned of imminent collision. The ship departed despite dire electrical problems, illegal at any time and even more highly unusual in the cold, dark night-time (part #94, first ‘after-sundown departure’ in two years). Criminal was this manufactured event, through and through, and that’s before considering the absurdly high number of other anomalies including the complicit, worthless, ‘kept-pet’ mass-media…”

Part #91 adapted from a video comment

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Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story

Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story
Key Bridge Official Story

An inglorious end to Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge

Direct Hit Take-Down at Full Speed

In two independent conspicuously shake-free, perfectly-lit, perfectly-timed, perfectly-framed and even perfectly-zoomed videos — “Zapruder 2.0” style — the DALI container ship, fraught with electrical troubles before shoving off, briskly accelerates yet creates no visible wake nor bow-wave displacement and, despite two agonizing power blackouts (whilst reportedly moving at highest-allowed harbor speed of ~8 knots) causing failed engines, steering and guidance, DALI sublimely avoids all nearby concrete buttresses and both treacherously narrow, steep shipping-channel cliff-edges during the ship’s nearly entire transit until its final ‘beaching’ into the channel’s southern cliff-edge, to not just glancingly bump a main bridge support but instead score at speed a perfect missile-like bullseye that almost instantly takes down nearly the entire bridge and severely cripples both a major trade port and transportation artery.

Totally Wave-free Splash-down

The heavy bridge drops promptly into the water making clearly massive splash-downs, multi-storys in height (confirmed by splash pattern on 10-story tall concrete North Pillar), yet no subsequent waves are seen at all in any video footage that instead shows only near-perfectly calm waters (even in the unlikely “B-roll” footage shot at Fort Armistead directly adjacent to the bridge!).  Note the initial collapse, which included much more weight, from full height, and a water-displacing roadway underneath, is amazingly shorter than the splashdown made by a comparatively few girders during Dali cleanup — and although this extreme oddity suggests video fakery / CGI manipulation, such is never mentioned by mainstream massmedia nor any officials.

Totally Silent Splash-down

No creaking or snapping steel-wrenching-apart-in-metallic-agony nor any splash-down sounds are recorded (despite the fact that sound carries far and clearly over cold water), even by the yammering duo unabashedly trespassing after-dark at nearby Fort Armistead National Park who ‘serendipitously’ capture the near-perfect, once-in-a-lifetime “B-roll” footage of the event (the exact unicornian-equivalent of a Second Zapruder); moreover, no rumbling or physical vibrations from the multi-kiloton masses falling from up to ~350 feet (the bridge’s apex, equivalent to a 35-story building) are recorded, either.

This striking absence of noise, post-splashdown waves, and vibration or other seismic effects in fact represents a considerable amount of kinetic energy simply missing, closely mimicking the near-total lack of seismic impacts recorded by three universities near WTC in NYC on 911 or in any recordings of that doggedly confounding event.

It’s another “movie”. CGI? Holography?

Numerous viewers comment online about the ‘movie-like’ surreal appearance and quality of both inevitably infamous videos.  Are they reflexively spot-on to something? See 911 ALCHEMY documentary for information about the amazingly surrealistic holographics available.

No Warning Horns

No warning horn blasts from the ship are reported by eyewitnesses nor recorded in any videos or emergency-responders’ radio dispatch comments or subsequent reports.  This perhaps first-ever absence is surely indicative of colossal intrigue or criminal negligence. Immediately adjacent eyewitnesses report seeing, hearing nothing!

Still Secret Initial Distress Call

No initial Emergency Hailing call (from the ship) is yet public; instead, we’re all still ‘taking Their word’.  Meanwhile, massmedia persistently misreports robotically-stoic (rehearsed?) ‘first-responder’ radio-dispatches as having had come from the ship, which is blatantly false and apparently intentional deception ongoing.

Inglorious Heroes

First-responding officers lauded by Maryland’s governor as life-saving heroes for having halted all bridge traffic within notably supermanly response-times appear decidedly non-smiling at opening Baltimore Orioles game, extremely reminiscent of the psychotic Apollo-11 press conference.

Shockingly Non-Mass-Casualities

Otherwise expected (as initially-reported) ‘mass casualties’, whose upset families tend to clamor for truth, justice, respect and insurance compensation, are made nonexistent, serendipitously for them and also for the svelte takedown mission.

Many Massive Orange-Hot Fiery Bursts, White-Hot Flashes

Meanwhile, numerous white-hot flashes and massive fiery-orange outbursts, some 5- to 10-storys in height, are easily spotted throughout both versions (one and two) of the original night-time footage; aftermath structural steel girders are found “impossibly” warped, wilted, distorted, “insta-rusted”, left twisted, draped and drooping in ‘spaghetti-noodle-like’ rigid poses; considerable debris material is inexplicably missing, and (perhaps thereby) the rushed cleanup progresses at miraculous pace of schedule! Yet the complacently anti-critical “news” massmedia utters not one single peep questioning the obviously ugly reality.

Unprecedented full-spectrum Militarization of entire project

This might seem expected as the response was immediately militarized under unprecedented “Unified Command”: Speculation arises that the governor’s prior military service might have somehow bolstered his selection in an election (advantaged by major celebrity attention and perhaps higher forces) to thus ensure the mission-critical full-spectrum operational control. His ‘unexpected meteoric’ rise to political office was noted by some ‘pundit’ media. Was Wes Moore s-elected in some part to enable this mega-event?

Online Censorship Rampant

Online at major sites including reddit and youtube, a seeming cyber-army of paid shills, bots, misleaders, and disinfo provocateurs relentlessly spew ad hominem attacks, straw-man stoogings, and other time-sucking logical fallacies, including posts blaring from numerous controlled-alt-media-sites an uniform condemnation of “conspiracy site posts” when in fact the concerted massive decrial far outweighed by orders of magnitude (and seemingly predated in time!) any such conspiratorial posts! The many crying laments of ‘don’t cry wolf’ are overpoweringly indicative of organized disinfo on steroids campaign let loose too-much too-soon.  Presently, outright censorship of anything alternative, concise and factual that outwits, persists or otherwise escapes the tarbabying is of course accomplished via the usual article, comment, video, and account deletions.

Still-Secret Culprits

In starkest contrast to the immediate detailings of names, backgrounds and deep summaries of the Valdez captain, those perfidious 19 hijackers and their cave-dwelling leader, the endless litany of active-shooters, and anyone else spotlighted in massmedia’s selective sights, total anonymity of the Dali’s captain’s, the habor pilots’, and the crew’s identities is ruthlessly maintained despite the (potentially) trillion-dollar event that is curiously never called or labeled “accidental” by any American massmedia. “Crazy conspiracy theories” of ‘remote control’ of the vessel might explain the paucity of identities. Rumors and weirdness abound in more of this Baltimorish-hallmark: ‘we must again take Their word for all of it”.

Drawn-out Anonymity

Anonymity of workcrew victims’ identities is also tortuously drawn-out for over a month, despite very many thousands of dollars being raised in online campaigns for initially, and until very recently, unnamed benefactors (a clear violation of sanity if not Terms of Service). This invented drama was used to emotionalize the “news” and misdirect or subdue direly needed critical analysis.

Duper’s Delight

So-called “duper’s delight” smiles (said to be mostly irrepressibly consequent to a feeling of having seemingly successfully hoaxed or “duped” an audience) counterindicating the vapidly professed sorrow seem to appear plainly in several of the already sparse interviews that seek to bludgeon critical reasoning with emotional appeal — one would think the families and the dead would deserve the hard truth first and foremost, but not according to the uniformly sappy massmedia.

Orchestrated Payola Galore

Including the stunningly quick (presumably pre-prepared) initiations of the donation campaigns, it’s all suspiciously veiled and contrived feeling; similarly with the involved companies, contractors and other potential payola partakees.  The familiar sense of something, everything, too well-orchestrated is unshakable, marking an overwhelming preponderance of “coincidunce” as strong evidence of no coincidence at all.

Uninterviewed Unmentionables?

No workcrew survivors are interviewed directly.  Ever.

Silence Regarding Citizenship

American citizenship status of the workcrew is completely ignored by massmedia, which oddly promptly and utterly abandons its recent otherwise relentless focus upon “illegals”, immigration, ‘the border’, etc. (not one iota of which has been mentioned since!)

Pre-marshalled Resources Indicate Pre-planning not Accident

Rumors persist of the Chesapeake-1000 supercrane having been spotted moored immediately south of the hour-distant Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the calamity.  Pre-readiness suggests foreknowledge.  Or, maybe that ultra-convenient spot is its usual home port.  If so, why then any delay before the crane’s arrival for service?  …given that every extra moment that those vehicles were trapped under debris further ensured a more likely drowning demise…

OSHA-Required Rescue Boat .. Nada

Skiff / rescue boat, required by OSHA to be present at all over-water bridge work, is not visible in any footage and never mentioned by massmedia.  That person or crew would have been the truest ‘first-moment-responder’; whether that immediacy of response due to on-site presence would have made any difference will never be known. Surely there is some legally actionable deficit here.

Superman-like Perfect Response

Official timelines straining superman-like speeds and perfect responses patently eschew feasible reality.  Claims of ‘officers stationed at each end of the bridge due to on-bridge work’ are affrontively preposterous given the increasingly apparent sad fact that basic OSHA-requirement of skiff / rescue boat was not even met; arguably far more likely, if any officers had indeed been stationed at the bridge ends: It was per foreknowledge of the event, not lucky coincidence or (otherwise non-existant) concern for workers’ safety. That the reluctant heroes in fact never smile and appear instead stressed and strained, much like the obviously stressed and unhappy astronots appearing in the psychotic Apollo-11 press conference, plainly indicates anything but pride and humility.

Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story
inglorious, suspect astronots – More sullen than prideful, these astronots persistently appear more psychotic under duress than uniquely, gloriously triumphant in human history, strongly and strangely suggesting a sense of reality as being pretty far from perception, expectation, laudation. I don’t recall a single smile having been cracked during the entire 90-minute press conference. Richard D Hall offers an amazing interview with a voice analyst who critically evaluates one of Neil Armstrong’s two (ever given in his lifetime) interviews in which every sentence is painstakingly examined word-by-word for veracity in personal experience.

“Pancaked” & Mud-Sunken .. LOL .. 911 WTC and 911 Flight-93 Again!

Despite the ever-growing list of questions and issues, all massmedia, reporters, and officials say absolutely zero, nada, nothing of any anomalies but instead parrot emotional reports and appeals or revert to worn-out trigger-word dismissals used previously in the 911 event such as ‘pancaked’ and ‘materials disappeared into the mud’.  Devoid of all critical reporting and initiative, massmedia reconfirms its “kept-pet” worthlessness.

Reality Inversion

The major shipping-channel chokehold (i.e., the Francis Scott Key Bridge) that had been singularly blocking Baltimore from its long promised (and recently massmedia-hyped) expansion into full, modern Mega-Port status is obliterated overnight, with all prior laughably-insurmountable political and economic obstacles inverted, as full funding, resources and expert personnel prestidigiously materialize within hours to gush within days, and universally castigated governmental bungling is fantastibulously flipped, unified and catapulted into “strong” and “tough” trumpeted glory, in a situation entirely maudlin and mawkish.  Here, as anywhere, trite ‘over-the-top’ memes belie fandangled (pre-planned and prepaid) marketeering.

The Simple, Awful Truth

To hear the countless suckers and shucksters tell it, excepting the reportedly dead, the calamity is almost all happily ‘win-win’, but for the simple, awful truth: Structural steel girders and fasteners do not without added energy comically distort, warp and wilt (or ever vanish!) in huge, molten fiery outbursts; they just don’t, and never have.  Whilst inescapable evidence reveals that substantial energy was in fact added, officials glibly ignore it, and because of that everything else about this event is tainted, bound into what is ultimately another big lie.

When you dig-in a bit and really look at it, this whole thing is provably absurd and ridiculous.  Shame on the dupers, but more shame on those so easily duped.

Official story of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge ignores Directed Energy Weapons, necessarily involved to fully explain all anomalous and otherwise "impossible" evidence.
ABOVE: Official story of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge ignores Directed Energy Weapons, necessarily involved to fully explain all anomalous and otherwise “impossible” evidence such as these ridiculously obviously melted structural steel girders that had for decades easily and with at least double if not octal overdesign held up the entire weight of the bridge, plus all jammed traffic and heavy freight loads, and against all sheer winds and weather onslaught.

Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story

This series is a work-in-progress.  Treat it as such.  If there is factual error in the content, post a comment or send email to info at conspira org

Baltimore Key Bridge Official Story

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