Baltimore Key Bridge #76 – google Blocking Street-view All Dates – Why if but to Thwart Independent Investigation?

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google Blocking Street-view All Dates, Why?

All google street-view imagery of FSKB removed

Also interesting: 5 May 2024 google maps no longer lets you view from-car “street view” footage driving over the BKB. google has removed all “street view” imagery of the FSKB – it is no longer possible to virtually visit or ‘drive over’ the bridge. Fortunately, we saved a bunch of pictures showing the trusswork, etc.

Why in the Hell would google care, except to limit investigation?

Try to go south from this point,-76.5207065,3a,75y,174.89h,65.68t

…or north from the southern causeway; both approaches fail.

Changing to different imagery dates also fails at precisely the same GPS coordinates.

It’s ‘probably nothing’, Total Coincidunce, but this removal of stree-view from-car imagery surely adds to the feeling that less information is being provided, that over time more information is being secreted away, almost like one would expect to happen in a concerted cover-up progressing in slow motion.

Part #48 shows similarities (i.e., orange/white caution-work barrels) in footage filmed 1-year apart but without any major potholes.

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