Baltimore Key Bridge #54 – Militarized project; emplaced ex-military Governor?

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Militarized Project; Emplaced ex-military Governor?

Emplacement of ex-military Mayor?

Unprecedented; ‘stars aligned’; celebrity endorsement; DEI — but was there a deeper, darker purpose? Emplacement of an ex-military governor allowed the entire “FSKBTD” (Francis Scott Key Bridge Take-Down) operation to be militarized, ensuring smoothest success. Just a supposition of starting point for investigation and evaluation.

Militarized project; emplaced ex-military Governor
Fully, immediately-militarized project involving militarized Directed Energy Weapons. Emplacement of an ex-military governor ‘sealed-the-deal’?

Defacto celebrity endorsement

Defacto celebrity endorsement by Oprah

Militarized project; emplaced Governor?

Oprah gematrically implicated in Lahaina DEW attack. Also large land-owner near Lahaina.

Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) aspect

“…the implementation of DEI has caused companies to focus more on diversified hiring rather than making sure the best candidates are brought on. They also claim it leads to companies wasting valuable resources on implementing these policies instead of spending the funds on costs vital to their operations.”

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