DEW Hallmarks Index – Comprehensive list with examples 2024

DEW Hallmarks

Hallmarks of DEW damage include molten pooled flowing aluminum, superheated steel that usually insta-rusts, glass and other brittle materials melted or vaporized, flesh that is boiled then charred leaving clothing and hair untouched. Below is a comprehensive list.

Aloof, dismissive local authorities

Aluminum superheated, molten, pooled, flowing freely

Car Door Handles Absent

Cars Flipped – Levitation

Colored items (specific color(s)) survive nearly untouched (often blue, green)

Dissimilar Metals Absent (Nuts Bolts Fasteners)

Eyesight goes grey first, insta-cataracts; asphyxiation by stacked blood (Rouleaux formation) then blocked mucous passages including lungs.

Ferocious immolations

Firemen powerless to stop inferno

“Firenadoes” (furious swirling, flowing up along otherwise invisible beam path)

Flammables Cremated to White Ash “calcination”

Flesh boils then burns from within; clothing intact; hair unburnt!

Glass Fracture-Shattered

Glass Melted Molten (Metal Particulate Infused Windshields)

Glass Porcelain Ceramic Concrete Dustified

High-winds, suddenly, out of nowhere, without good, “normal” reason

Houses cremated down to steel and white ash

Iron is insta-rusted due to oxydation at high-heat

Pre-cleanup crews, secretive, often in pristine new unmarked ‘gov’ white vehicles — gather and remove ashen bodies, plastics, rubber items from homes, yards

Plastics survive (just like in a microwave oven)

Superheated Steel often wilted, warped, self-distorting

Superheated Steel as Ignition Source igniting nearby combustibles

Tires Melted, “Vanished”, Superheated by Steel Belts

Trees Shrubs Boiled Burned From Inside-Out

Trunks Hoods Popped Open

Vegetation dessicated (dried) but rarely burned

Vehicles usually completely toasted

Water makes it worse (microwaves spin water molecules, causing heat, microwave-oven effect)

Water-containing plants, animals and persons cooked alive from inside-out.

DEW Hallmarks

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