Baltimore Key Bridge #80 – Odd Molten Girders — No stress on them except gravity

Odd Molten Girders

Directed Energy Weapons seems most likely source of additional energy that caused superheating, melting.

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BELOW: Look at the inner girders, drooping as if molten.

Note however that the main structural trusses (with the oval cutouts) are not bent or deformed.

If the only force that had ever acted upon the inner girders was gravity, then how did they become so wilted, warped and distorted after the ‘collapse’ event?

The general appearance of those heat-wilted inner girders drooping like wet spaghetti is that they had somehow become superheated.

What can superheat structural steel? (1) A blast-furnace. (2) Directed Energy Weapons.

Odd Molten Girders

BELOW: Steel cracks and shatters, not bends unless melted. Last I checked wind does not melt steel. The spaghetti-steel that held perfectly rigid for decades looks wilted, much like the melted spaghetti-steel found after the 2024-05 DEW Attack on Houston, Texas, incredulously blamed on “high winds”.

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