Manufactured Famine — Faminization — Massive Fire at Illinois Farm Wipes Out Millions of Chickens 2024-0603

Massive Fire at Illinois Farm Wipes Out Millions of Chickens! Expect Prices to Rise! “Faminization”

See also — IceAge Farmer (youtuber)

See also — LauraFarms (youtuber) — multiple neighbors had their farm equipment destroyed by Directed Energy Weapons. Look at the pics showing the melted 18-wheeler with unburned corn right against the melted metal!

They are doing this. Control the food control the people.

29 May 2024 “Hundreds of broiler chickens have died on a farm in Honduras, with high temperatures being blamed for their deaths.”

Millions? That’s not possible for any chicken farm. We are chicken growers and with 3 large broiler houses we less than 100 thousand chickens at a time. Something is not right?

The farm I heard about in Farina Illinois did have 1.3 million on a news report I read. Not meat chickens️; Laying hens. ️ II’m sure arson is being investigated . Recall that many large chicken farms have , of late, been inspected and if Exposure to bird flu is suspected, they are all culled/killed.

Since chickens are slaughtered at about 42 days old, this means ~1.2 billion broiler chickens are alive in the US at any given time.

Fire cause is the same as all the other ones that destroyed food production facilities as well as Maui and other “flash fires”, all with pinpoint accuracy. “As Above, So Below”.

Add in the millions of chickens being destroyed due to bird flu. Food shortages are going to be brutal for those who aren’t prepared.

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