NTSB YACA “Yet Another Captured Agency” FakeMaker Decepticon, Routine Misleads by Omission

NTSB YACA “Yet Another Captured Agency” FakeMaker Decepticon, Routine Misleads by Omission

Let’s list some with sources for more info —

2024-06 Youngstown, OH Building DEW Attack

NTSB ignored “news” footage of security cam on 12th (top) floor, showing blast DOWN thru ceiling, no yellow, no orange, no flame, no “gas”. Also ignored footage of “DEW Wind gusts” outside during blast.


2024-03 Baltimore FSK Bridge

NTSB ignored evidence and covered-up the blatant DEW Attack that took down FSK bridge in Baltimore.

The ORG-anization site called “CONSPIRA” has an 80-part deep dive into the numerous anomalies at FSK…all kinds of insanity glossed over, omited and misled from.

2018 Flight 3407 Colgan Air, wiped out Beverly Eckert 911 Widow

JFK Jr plane take-down

2002 DC Sniper


2001 Senator Paul Wellstone flight take-down

The loudest, most powerful objector to the PATRIOT ACT was apparently cremated in his plane whilst in mid-air. The other objectors of slightly lesser stature all mysteriously received weaponized Anthrax in the postal mail that was traced back to source at USAMRIID (U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. Wellstone’s plane was cremated down to white ash and molten pooled metal including most of the fuselage, as is common in DEW attacks.


The RHIC “ion-gun” Directed Energy Weapon at Brookhaven National Labs was implicated in the TWA Flight 800 event which evidenced ‘otherwise impossible’ molten titatnium jet engine blades. The suddenness of the attack, the completeness of the devastation, the oddness of the resulting carnage, the


1982-01 Palm-90 Flight

Deadly crash into Potomac River killed 5 design engineers at Fairchild; altered the course of cellular telephony development, which afterwards favored Motorola whose leadership was controlled. This CT is being developed.

Watergate Flight 553 Chicago

Actual unflappably dogged reporter Sherman Skolnick revealed that this engineered plane crash wiped oiut 11 persons of interest who were researching Watergate, including Dorothy Hunt wife of Watergate co-conspirator E Howard Hunt. MAE BRUSSELL also put out some excellent info on this engineered crash.

Hale Boggs flight, Nick Begich

Took out US Representative Hale Boggs, a major objector to the Alaskan Oil Pipeline, and Congressman Nick Begich. Crash and bodies never recovered despite then-largest search by Army, Navy, USAF, USCG, CAP and numerous civilian aircraft.

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