Baltimore Key Bridge #4 – Staged Fakery and Anonymity Galore. Crisis Actors. Eyewitnesses. Captain. Pilots. Crew. Workcrew. Companies.

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Crisis Actors. Eyewitnesses. Captain. Pilots. Crew. Workcrew. Companies.

Staged Fakery and Anonymity Galore

Fake “Eyewitnesses” ?

Oddities of eyewitnesses
No identification
Black lady, sideways white hat hidden face
Last driver across bridge
Dundalk persons who heard “bang”

Two trespassers in Fort Armistead, B-roll studio-perfect quality

“Super strange that a trillion-dollar debacle and not one single culprit has been identified. Not one. Incredible. Maybe nobody was aboard. We will never know.”

Why anonymity of workcrew?
Odd hiding of identities
Cultural disconnect; language disconnect
Apparently not warned by supposed already-at-bridge-ends authorities
Apparently not warned on radio by MDTA (workers supposedly found in vehicles)
GoFundMe has zero fully-identified beneficiaries listed
Limited number of upset famies, insurance claims, lawsuits, investigations.

From a video comment — “I wonder how likely it could be that the 6 workers actually didn’t exist. There has been such prolonged, intentional confusion about their identities, limits, hiding, sometimes showing revealing all six, then not, then only four, but maybe 3, but only two. Then four. But up to six. It has been the classic switcharoo of confusion. Has anyone independently verified? The official GoFundMe still lists zero names / identities LOL. Maybe it’s part of the larger trick?”

CNN shows MDTA absurd camera pan of fixed traffic camera, perfectly-timed to capture supposed allision

“Zapruder 2.0” C-roll, panned bridge-traffic camera footage from MDTA

This whole thing is a comic show.

Gayle Fairman, uber-driver, front-line eyewitness

(Potential) Eyewitness, Uber-driver Gayle Fairman “got stopped by the police, right at the front-line [of other cars that had been stopped from entering the bridge structure] and had no idea what was going transpiring…[police officer] said, ‘the bridge [is] gone’.”

Newscaster ~1:09 in — “Gayle says she couldn’t see the bridge because it was so dark, and [she and her Uber passenger] didn’t hear [the bridge collapse] because her windows were up and the radio was on.”

So this multi-kilton calamity happens literally right in front of her, within two-thousand feet at most, and she and others literally see nothing, hear nothing.

Staged Fakery and Anonymity Galore

Larry Desantis, eyewitness

Larry Desantis says at ~1:20 in that the workcrew was at the apex of the bridge, “out there working, quite a few of them out, doing their job”.  He said he was on his way to work in Dundalk, but the video seems to indicate he was traveling south over the bridge, away from Dundalk.

Desantis also said that he did not hear or see the bridge collapse immediately behind him.

He also says something very curious at 2:15 in — “I didn’t see any trucks whatsoever, and on a normal morning, with Amazon being down there [on Sparrows Point at Tradepoint Atlantic], I’ll [usually] see twenty, thirty tractor-trailers coming and going.  I saw none.  It was so eerie to be there and nothing was moving.  That was not normal…”

Rumors – Yap of ‘gas line under ship’ — setting up for larger calamity — explosion? — to hide evidence, misdirect?

2:00 into

Biohazard containers?

Minorcan Mullet’s video

Team from the Miller Environmental Group

Ongoing anonymity of captain, harbor pilots, crew

Names of crew members, captain, harbor pilots, all kept hidden.  Plus the painful, prolonged anonymity of roadcrew workers.  Why?

“Duper’s Delight”, or true angst?

Genuineness in voice (and tears) is usually apparent, regardless of language.

BELOW: “I am so, so bad, I feel so bad…” whilst seeming to smile —

BELOW: In contrast, that looks like real sorrow and pain —

Bodies are being recovered

Regarding Companies Involved

See Peggy Hall’s analyses, part #54

Crisis Actors

The “Baltimore Strong” Bridge Collapse – Crisis Actors

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