Baltimore Key Bridge #30 – FSKB taken-down because it stymied bigger, faster shipping

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Taken-down because it stymied bigger, faster shipping

The Key Bridge pillars were too close together and couldn’t be moved (and bridge height was fixed, not easily increased); the shipping channel width was already maxxed-out making this the ‘chokepoint’ for Baltimore shipping.

Removing the bridge inverted reality: Obviating political and economic obstacles; redirecting public clamor; gaining immediate funding (versus Maryland’s recent transportation budget shortfall); enabling payola in salvage, redesign/build; and improving Baltimore’s future as major shipping hub via taller replacement bridge with wider supports, more clearance for greater shipping traffic.

Any boxes unchecked?

BELOW: Overhead LIDAR shows the shipping channel width maxxed-out and limited by Key Bridge pillars.

FSKB taken-down because it stymied bigger, faster shipping.

‘What happened’ is evidenced by the night-time video that shows the yellow-hot firey ignitions (more like small shearing fireballs) on both sides of the north pillar.  Many websites are already showing a shortened clip that exludes the important final melting and ‘see-saw’ toppling at the north pillar, hoping that the daft masses didn’t notice and will never go looking.  A copy of the original, unedited footage is here —  In daylight, several long, ‘impossibly’ wilted steel girders are draped over the north pillar like wet spaghetti noodles, grey paint burned off, as if the steel had been superheated and molten by some unseen energy source.

How can formerly rigid structural steel melt within seconds and droop like the dangling girders now visible?

Internet chatter surrounding other calamities suggests massive exotic beam and directed energy weapons first publicly revealed by President Reagan in 1983 (link below).

Major military contractors have long been developing weaponry capable of causing all anomalous and otherwise inexplicable damage, including the molten girders and also the missing fallen trusswork.  Online since 1999, shows contractors not hiding but selling books, classes, memberships.  See also  — Raytheon and Lockheed Martin promotions of beam / directed energy weapons show the potent weapons capable of creating all damages seen.

From comments on this video

“In 1977 when the FSK Bridge was built the shipping channel was 35 feet deep and 500 feet wide.

“The support pillars were 100 feet outside each side of the channel in 15-20 feet of water.

“There were modest “dolphins” protecting the bridge from Tug Boats and other smaller Harbor vessels, etc.

“There was no need to build robust protection because the deep draft ships could not possibly physically strike the supports in the much shallower waters.

“Then over the years, as I sailed those waters in a Catalina 27, they incrementally deepened and widened the shipping channel to the current 50 deep and 700 feet wide: right NEXT to the supporting pillars.

“The Corp of Engineers ran the dredging. The MDOT runs the bridge…

“Respectfully Submitted by: Sam Collins Towson, MD”

That echoes what we observed and posted weeks ago —

The Key Bridge pillars were already at the edge of the dredged channel, so the channel could not be widened, the bridge could not be raised, despite all the big plans announced by former Governor Hogan — Key Bridge was an insurmountable chokepoint. Imagine Gov Hogan or Gov Wes Moore having to announce: “Hey, so we need to replace the Key Bridge…” – what a laughable political impossibility that would have been, particularly on the heels of the $3.3 billion budget shortfall announced by Maryland Governor Moore in December 2023.  Now, by total coincidunce, reality has been inverted.

BELOW: From the image gallery down below, here are some choice images highlighting the molten steel girders draped over the north pillar like wet spaghetti noodles — note that the grey paint was apparently burned-off as seen in the original night-time footage ‘yellow-hot firey bursts’ on both sides of the north pillar.

Images showing molten steel girders draped over the north pillar like wet spaghetti noodles.  The only reasonable explanation of the observed evidence is directed energy weapons.  Means, motive and opportunity seem fully explained by this hypothesis.

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From a comment: “How suspiciously convenient that the largest available lifting crane was a day or two away…almost as if there were preplanning, premarshalling of recovery resources…”


Many “news” and other commentaries online remove the also-crucial ending portion of the original night-time footage which of course limits your scope of information by preventing you from seeing the yellow-hot firey outbursts on both sides of the north pillar as the moments in which the steel support girders are made molten and have their paint burned off (presumably by directed energy weapons; what else could cause that kind of damage?)

This limiting and filtering of the data should be your clue as to who is an idiot, or thinks you are.


Blue will save you

In Lahaina, various photos and videos show that blue and green objects did not burn or otherwise suffer much damage (if any at all) in what is widely figured to be another directed energy attack site.  It is interesting to note that the DALI ship was mostly painted blue.  Is this how it was (presumably) guaranteed to survive being at one of the main attack points (at south pillar) ?  Just musing, wondering, connecting dots.


Best images of the molten, wilted steel girders draped over and drooping from the north pillar like wet noodles — evidence fully explainable by directed energy weapons

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Why is Dept of Defense DoD involved at all ?

Maybe it’s because directed energy weapons were actually used in this controlled destruction.

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