Baltimore Key Bridge #31 – Massively Missing Material all over again; steel dustified by DEW?

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Diabolical Mission Planner: “The ‘Flight 93 vanished into the earth’ lie worked before so why not try using that explanation again?”

BELOW: Large portions of steel trusswork are simply absent.

Is that truly loss of image resolution, or was obfuscation made on-purpose?

Could “mud” so quickly, so thickly cake onto girders?

Where are all the girders?

Has the streel trusswork been physically destroyed, degraded, “dustified”?

If there truly is “so much mud” present in the federal shipping channel, what had the Army Corps of Engineers been doing during all those years of claimed “dredging”?

Hilariously, during the presentation publicizing these images, Col Estee S Pinchasin also re-introduced the 911 trigger word, “pancaking” in attempt to describe how so much structural steel has simply vanished from view of SONAR.

Also, by simply not having the massive steel material present (except as perhaps dust) and needing removal certainly contributes to the ‘unexpectedly rapid progress’ now being happily reported (~ end of April) in the massmedia.

As with all the official stories, nothing makes sense without inclusion of the so far ignored, unspoken, unaddressed, unmentioned ‘800-pound gorilla’, Directed Energy Weapons.

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