Baltimore Key Bridge #39 – Silencing misleaders who shriek, ‘there’s no such thing as directed energy weapons’

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1. Directed Energy Professionals Society (DEPS.ORG)

Directed Energy Professionals Society — — online since 1999 with huge military contractors not hiding but instead selling books, classes, memberships.

no such thing as directed energy weapons

2. Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC.ORG) US Dept Defense — online since 2012



49:05 into Last American Vagabond interview with Shelby Thompson RE Lahaina wildphyres and USAF AMOS DEW lab on Maui — — Directed Energy Leader Dr Kelly Hammett: “We delivered the USAF’s first-ever operational directed energy weapons.  As part of the Air Force Directed Energy Experimentation campaign, AFRL characterized and deployed four directed energy counter unmanned aerial system… three Raytheon High Energy LASER Weapon System and the AFRL Tactical High Power Operational Responder (THOR) system.  We built THOR in-house in 18-months…AFRL secured the Secretary of Defense approval for operational use of all systems.”


Air Force Research Lab – Directed Energy Directorate —

5. Dept of Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Confirmed DEWs in 2020

6. President Reagan

Introduced Strategic Defense Initiative (exotic weaponry, DEW, “STAR WARS”) in 1983

7. General George J Keegan Jr, former head USAF Intelligence

Cold War This Week, 1977 interview: Particle beam and nuclear arms race

8. Hutchison Effect / John Hutchison / Dr Judy Wood

Hutchison Effect Technical interview w/ John Hutchison

PDF of HUTCHISON FILE technical documentation

The Hutchison Effect File — Calante, Pelayo and Michrowski, A_ — 2009

9. Lt Col Tom Bearden

Interviews on Tesla, exotic energies, weaponry —

10. Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapons System: Sets Up in Minutes, Directs Energy in Seconds

11. Honeywell – What We DEW: Continuous Power and Efficiency for Directed Energy Applications

12. Lockheed Martin ATHENA

BELOW: Lockheed Martin ATHENA directed energy weapon burns through steel.  Exact same burn pattern.  No doubt just “coincidunce”.


13. Raytheon Technologies’ High-Energy Laser Weapon System


14. BAE Systems future technologies: The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens

15. Israel

16. Others

Booz Allen —

After all this, having gone on for many decades, any clown still shrieking, ‘there’s no such thing as Directed Energy Weapons’ is either a certifiable idiot, or thinks you are.

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