Baltimore Key Bridge #7 – North Pillar. Wilted Steel. Smoking Gun. Otherworldly evidence.

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A video comment — “I notice all those massive steel girders, molten and drooping over the north pillar like wet noodles… Almost looks as if they were superheated, maybe by eddy currents induced by a microwave weapon; similar to what was seen in Lahaina steel similarly superheated and melted. Why would this have been done? The existing pillars couldn’t be moved and were preventing widening of channel. Replacement bridge will be taller and have much wider footings, allowing wider channel, allowing more vessel traffic. Short-term, so much payola in salvage, redesign and build! Maryland bridge/transportation budget had been recently slashed…”

RE melted girders draped like wet noodles over the North Pillar not reportedly hit by anything

Many massive steel truss girders held up Key Bridge for decades, suddenly melted, wilted, draped over the north support pillar like wet noodles.  Was the steel superheated by eddy currents induced by directed energy weapons attack?  Yellow-hot molten metal was visibly spewing forth on both sides of this north bridge support pillar in the perfectly-lit, perfectly-framed, perfectly-timed “Zapruder 2.0” footage that perfectly captured the entire event.  Was the molten metal cause or effect?

Seems odd, no? The first super-crane (which was photographed just south of the nearby Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the initial impact at Key Bridge, perhaps suggesting pre-marshalling of resources) to arrive was anchored nearest the north pillar (with its oddly “molten” draping girders) on the side in fact furthest from the deep shipping channel (and DALI ship) whose prioritized attendance seemingly would be far more economically important.

Curious that the super crane was sent to the northern pillar first, before the much more economically important southern pillar where the ship is lodged nearest the deep shipping channel.

Did you hear the Army Colonel Estee S Pinchasin invoke 911 catchphrase of “pancaked” wreckage underwater while showing the channel practically already clear per the underwater wreckage that appears on SONAR+LIDAR as having ‘melted’ down, pancaked down into itself (other parts covered by strange debris). That appears around 0:45 into this video (which curiously is Dallas/FTW local news, not local Baltimore).

BTW, I saw that super crane (and at least one other) moored just south-east of and immediately adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the Key bridge impact, as if the event had been pre-staged, the cranes already nearby. I haven’t heard (yet) about FEMA or any nearby ship-destroys-bridge training operation, like in so many mass shootings and wildfires.

Meanwhile, the weird anomalies of this event are piling up (er, pun).


Magical story around Baltimore Key Bridge getting weirder by the day — per Army presentation and Navy SONAR+LIDAR, the submerged girders appear to have “pancaked” already largely clearing the deep channel … WTH? — “disappeared into the mud” he actually says that around 1:00 in — they’re literally shaping the story up to be like the jetliner flight 93 that disappeared into the soft earth in Shanksville. Another mind-shanking underway!  That official imagery shows literally the sunken roadway but sans any truss girders overlaid as would be expected in every sane universe.  This amounts, apparently, to ‘impossibly’ absent material, much like the WTC towers that mostly turned into dust thus accounting for the stark absence of the expected eleven stories worth of densely-pancaked fallen material.

The yipyap about the steel truss girders “burying themselves in the mud” is stupefyingly inconsistent with the undeniable fact that the roadway was suspended below the truss work, yet the submerged roadway is clearly visible in the SONAR+LIDAR imagery, meaning that the truss work, to be genuinely “buried in the mud,” would have had to somehow fallen through the visibly still intact road surface.  The hypothesis of nonexistent truss work due to dustification is based on readily verifiable disintegration of metal by military exotic weaponry (“DEW” or directed energy weapons) — see and — see also Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, primary manufacturers of exotic energy beam weaponry.

Note that this is the area directly under where “dustification” of steel girders is visible in all video footage. Maybe the “missing girders” really did get turned into dust by an energy beam weapon; otherwise, where is it? I’m betting that final recovery reveals material is indeed missing.

Also there appears yellow-shimmery molten metal, again just like at WTC.  The “yellow hot” “molten metal” appears to the lower right of the right-most pillar in this next image.  The second image below shows the same “yellow hot” “molten metal” appearing this time to the left of the right-most pillar.  It appears that we are witnessing the melting of the supportive steel girders and the ‘boiling away’ of their anti-rust grey paint.  Daytime aftermath images show the resulting molten steel girders, wilted, draping over top of the north pillar.  Yes, the destruction does appear ‘otherworldly’.  As on 911, we are (hypothetically) witnessing use of a new kind of weaponry.

Daytime aftermath videos show molten girders draped over north pillar.  The draped girders appear to have been “boiled” brown, all anti-rust grey paint uniformly absent, consistent with supposed ‘super-heating’ of the steel, possibly by physical bending force (though interesting that the bending (wilting?) caused no cracks in the metal) or possibly by directed energy (which appears consistent with other wilted, severely deformed and apparently super-heated steel, particularly in Paradise, California wildfires and also at Lahaina, Hawaii).

Daytime aftermath videos show molten girders draped over north pillar.  The draped girders appear to have been “boiled” brown, all grey paint gone, consistent with supposed ‘super-heating’ of the steel

Of course the pre-presence of the cranes and the apparent exotic-weaponry-onslaught indicate a purposeful take-down of the Baltimore Key Bridge, promptly and wholly accomplishing what otherwise would have been a political and economic impossibility.

Under scrutiny, there’s lots more gone on here than the massmediot is spewing.

BELOW: During cleanup of the North Pillar, which took place out-of-logical-order, before the temporary channel was cleared.  The molten girder evidence, rarely shown in close-up videos or photographs, was draped over and drooping from the north side of the North Pillar, it was removed largely under cover of darkness ~18 Apr.

Look at that otherworldly bending without any stress-cracks.  Structural steel girders can only hope to do this miracle when molten, and only a blast furnce or Directed Energy Weapons are known mechanisms capable of superheating structural steel girders adequately to allow this kind and amount of otherwise impossible distortion.

This MP4 video, cut from the unedited original and slightly gamma-boosted, clearly shows all three major fireballs plus the dustification of the steel girders.  Download it, play it using VLC freeware.  Watch it fullscreen and pay attention to left-side of left pillar then both sides of right pillar.  Dustification happens mainly to the left side of right pillar.  Breathtaking.  Hidden in plain sight.  A New Kind of weapon that’s invisible, can melt steel and turn it into dust within seconds…and that most people not only can not conceive but will not believe even when they see it (OKC, 911, Pentagon, Key Bridge, and more).  It’s hard to imagine reality in light of this Finger-of-God superweapon.

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