Baltimore Key Bridge #8 – Reagan. Esper. Keegan. Directed Energy Weapons DEW Star Wars SDI Introduced 1983.

“This was a trillion-dollar costly event, ongoing, and yet all culpable persons remain unnamed, kept totally anonymous, with some reportedly having been slyly ‘escaped’ from the country! There is, in fact, zero publicly-verifiable evidence that any genuine Captain, Pilots or Crew ever existed; was DALI a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from its outset? No waves nor sounds at all were recorded nor reported by any nearby persons nor cameras. No interviews exist with supposed survivors; “family and friends” etc interviews reveal ‘dupers-delight’ micro-facial-expressions with other hallmarks suggestive of fraud. Rampant is the extremely suspicious damage with blatantly visible, verifiable anomalies totally inexplicable (and ignored) by official theory or story. Grand payola galore is already underway with loads more coming. This is another audacious yet sublime crime, militarized from gov to salvage to rebuild. There was no rescue skiff on scene as required by OSHA. No horn blasts from ship warned of imminent collision. The ship departed despite dire electrical problems, illegal at any time and even more highly unusual in the cold, dark night-time (part #94, first ‘after-sundown departure’ in two years). Criminal was this manufactured event, through and through, and that’s before considering the absurdly high number of other anomalies including the complicit, worthless, ‘kept-pet’ mass-media…”

Part #91 adapted from a video comment

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Strategic Defense Initiative (“SDI”) — AKA — Directed Energy Weapons (“DEW”)

Directed Energy Weapons DEW Star Wars SDI

1983: President Reagan introduced STAR WARS SDI DEW — Strategic Defense Initiative / Directed Energy Weapons

President Reagan introduced Directed Energy Weapons on 23 March 1983 — “We decided in 1979 to deploy new weapons, beginning this year, as a deterrent…” — 8:58 into SDI / STAR WARS speech

Directed Energy Weapons DEW Star Wars SDI.  President Reagan introduces in 1983 STAR WARS SDI DEW exotic microwave weaponry.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper ( Trump regime ) in 2020 confirmed military Directed Energy Weapons — “Thanks to our largest research and development budget in the department [of defense]’s history, we are advancing critical technologies to maintain our military edge in areas such as hypersonic weapons, directed energy and autonomous systems.” — 2:33 into

Directed Energy Weapons DEW Star Wars SDI

Rumsfeld and General Myers, White House Briefing RE DEW

“You know, there are energy weapons we know, and energy weapons we don’t know, and there are also energy weapons we don’t know we don’t know.”

General George Keegan


See also youtuber ERIC777 video revealing Jesuit control of Raytheon, maker of DEW.

See also

Lockheed Martin



BAE Systems

Directed Energy Professionals Society – online since 1999

Defense Systems Information Analysis Center


Index to some of the amazing research and reporting on Directed Energy Weapons (so-called “Scalar” waves and energies) contributed over the decades by Lt Col Thomas Bearden ret USAF.
John Hutchison, the tinkerer’s tinkerer for which the HUTCHISON EFFECT is named, is credited with discovering and disclosing since the late 1970s the general mechanisms of ‘scalar weaponry’, ‘directed energy weapons’, and otherworldly phenomena created by particle emissions and rf energies blasted onto physical objects placed within a high-voltage gradient. These “impossible” effects include levitation, molecular dissociation, cold “phyres” and all kinds of related effects.

Gov Accountability Office GAO

GAO Science & Tech Spotlight:Directed Energy Weapons

Published: May 25, 2023.
Publicly Released: May 25, 2023.
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Office Naval Research ONR

ONR Office Naval Research
Directed Energy Weapons: High Power Microwaves
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Air Force Research Lab

Air Force Research Lab
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BELOW: See also Physics of Microwave Directed Energy Weapons, particularly uneven effects due to field interference patterning

Understanding the Mechanisms and Military Applications of Directed Energy Weapons

Physics Mechanisms of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

Microwave Weaponry and Eddy Currents

Directed energy weapons (DEWs), particularly those utilizing microwave technology, employ high-frequency electromagnetic waves to target materials. When these microwaves interact with conductive materials like steel, they induce circulating currents known as eddy currents. These currents generate localized heating due to the material’s resistance to the flow of electricity. The rapid and intense heating can cause various phenomena:

  1. Superheating and Molecular Dissociation:
  • Superheating: The energy from eddy currents can raise the temperature of steel to extreme levels, leading to oxidation or “insta-rust.” The intense heat can also ignite flammable materials in proximity, causing fires.
  • Molecular Dissociation: In some cases, the energy input is sufficient to break molecular bonds, resulting in the vaporization or dematerialization of the material in real-time.
  1. Material Fusion:
  • DEWs can fuse dissimilar materials without significant thermal damage to either material, a process that remains partially understood but is likely due to localized and precise energy delivery.
  1. Aluminum Liquefaction:
  • Aluminum, being more susceptible to microwave energy, can be heated to the point of liquefaction. This molten aluminum can pool and flow, creating small volcanic-like torrents, a phenomenon observed in various scenarios involving DEWs.

Military Development and Use of DEWs

Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and the Rise of DEWs

The development of DEWs gained significant momentum in 1983 with President Ronald Reagan’s introduction of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as “Star Wars.” This initiative aimed to develop advanced technologies, including DEWs, to defend against ballistic missile threats. Key players in this field include major defense contractors such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS)

Since 1999, the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) has served as a hub for professionals and military contractors involved in DEWs. DEPS provides resources such as books, classes, and memberships, highlighting the ongoing development and commercialization of these technologies.

Military Endorsements and Usage

  1. Defense Secretary Mark Esper:
  • Mark Esper has commented on the strategic importance of DEWs, emphasizing their role in modern warfare and the ongoing investment in their development.
  1. Donald Rumsfeld and General Myers (2003 Press Briefing):
  • In a 2003 press briefing, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers discussed the deployment of DEWs, then referred to as “exotic weaponry.” This briefing underscored the operational use and potential of DEWs in military engagements.
  1. First Admitted Use in the Invasion of Grenada:
  • The first admitted use of DEWs was during the U.S. invasion of Grenada, marking a significant milestone in the operational deployment of these technologies.


The exploration of DEWs encompasses both the scientific mechanisms by which they operate and their strategic military applications. Understanding the physics behind microwave-induced eddy currents, superheating, and material fusion provides insight into their destructive capabilities. Simultaneously, the historical and ongoing development by military contractors and endorsements by defense officials highlight the critical role DEWs play in modern defense strategies. Through organizations like DEPS and documented military use, DEWs are no longer hidden but are acknowledged as pivotal components of contemporary and future warfare.

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