Baltimore Key Bridge #78 – Baltimore Key Bridge Energy Weapon Conspiracy Summary

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Baltimore Key Bridge Energy Weapon Conspiracy Summary

BELOW: Draped and drooping from the North Pillar: Structural steel girders wilted like wet noodles then re-solidified in oddly warped and distorted pose.

Note that these strongest-steel girders had for many decades supported half the bridge’s main span, plus approximately half the secondary northern span, plus the added weight of traffic-jams in both directions, mostly likely with design-margin to spare, and routinely proved impervious to all storms, elements, high-winds.  But, within seconds as shown in both angles / versions of night-time footage, all the steel girders suddenly and severely yielded like hot taffy molten under blazing sunlight.

Directed Energy Weapons

Only two known means may cause massive structural steel girders to fail in this manner without cracking or shattering:

(1) a blast furnace;

(2) the exotic weaponry / Directed Energy Weapons (AKA “DEW”s) introduced in 1983 by President Reagan.

With no blast furnace present, this “Smoking Wilted Gun” best evidences tactical use of exotic weaponry to help raze Baltimore’s Key Bridge.

The evidence is inescapable and best, if not only, fully explained by DEW.

“Why?” is economic and political.

Baltimore Key Bridge Energy Weapon Conspiracy Summary

BELOW: Night-time close-up view of south-facing side of North Pillar, showing evidence of the superstructure’s massive splash-down (i.e., wet concrete).  It is interesting to see the water seems to have begun evaporating more/faster from one leg.  Did the applied energy unevenly heat that leg’s concrete and/or its internal steel rebar, or was there simply by chance a bigger, sharper splash made upon the other leg exhibiting its more delineated watermark?  Note the apparently less-irradiated / less-molten steel beams correspondingly extending unbent outwardly above the seemingly lesser-heated concrete leg; coincidence?

Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy

BELOW: An extremely rare daytime close-up of the top of the North Pillar (found in only one of hundreds of videos) — from local news, apparently overlooked, leaked or otherwise having escaped (presumed) federal control and censorship — revealing the otherworldly, “impossible” crack-less wilting and warping of otherwise rigid, strong and sturdy structural steel girders.

This stupendous anomaly should be considered as “The Smoking Wilted Gun”.

These glaring wonders would later be removed (~18 April) under cover of darkness and out of stated- and logical-order, before the temporary shipping channel was cleared; immediately thereafter, federally-provided close-ups showing the North Pillar sans these girders have since become commonplace, no longer being (nor needing to be) filtered from public release.  The initial near-total avoidance of close-ups showing the wilted girders, followed by prevalence of close-ups after their removal suggests omission, cover-up.

This image is captured from 90 seconds into the video  It will be interesting to see how long this video (uploaded on 12 Apr) by WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore news remains on youtube.

Insta-Rusted Steel Girders – Superheating causes super-oxidation, super-rusting

Note how some girders have “insta-rusted”; this rapid oxidation is indicative of high heat and is seen in most other locations also suspected of having experienced DEW attack.  Insta-rusted, warped, buckled and “impossibly” wilted structural steel girders appear all throughout the Key Bridge wreckage.

The noticeable concrete erosion may have resulted from friction during collapse of the superstructure; however, erosion and even mass “dustification” of concrete has occurred in other suspected DEW applications, including WTC on 911 and the many thousands of buildings “cremated” down to white powder in numerous “wildfires” whose surprising abundance of immediately adjacent and  often surrounding unburned trees and highly flammable foliage strongly contra-indicate normal, natural, open-air fires.

The implications of this exotic weaponry, totally beyond current comprehension by most people, are profound.

Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy
ABOVE: No known loading or failure mechanisms can cause the extreme wilting evidenced in aftermath ‘molten’ girders left draped over and drooping from the North Pillar; however, superheating of the rigid, structural steel girders by Directed Energy Weapons (“DEW”, introduced in 1983 by President Reagan as ‘STAR WARS’ or “SDI”) best explains all evidence, including the numerous crack-free radical bends, extreme warping and distortions, proliferant insta-rust, appreciable missing material, and both the “white-hot flash” and several “orange-hot fiery outburst” anomalies plainly seen in both versions of the original night-time footage.

BELOW: Look at the wilted steel girders drooping down from the north pillar.  Try to reason how steel girders that held up the bridge for decades could melt like wet noodles.  No amount of energy or twisting or bending in any amount from the collapsing bridge could cause the damage seen made to those girders — their condition seems ‘impossible’.  And yet they are wilted like wet noodles (without any cracking, by the way).

Military contractors on websites such as and have for decades developed and openly promoted technologies which can cause this kind of damage; President Reagan introduced it in 1983 when it was dubbed STAR WARS — it is beam and Directed Energy Weaponry, already old technology, and it is no secret hidden except from lazy minds, or agendaed deniers of the obvious.

Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy

ABOVE: “Impossibly” wilted steel girders, draped over the north pillar, drooping like wet noodles. President Reagan’s STAR WARS Beam and Directed Energy Weapons can cause this kind of damage. The evident damage indicates the use of these weapons; use of weapons indicates this event was not merely accidental.  See the image galleries in

Key Bridge Pillars Too Narrow, Choked Shipping Channel

BELOW: The Key Bridge pillars were already at the edge of the dredged channel, so the channel could not be widened, the bridge could not be raised, despite all the big plans announced by former Governor Hogan — Key Bridge was an insurmountable chokepoint. Imagine Gov Hogan or Gov Wes Moore announcing, “Hey, so we need to replace the Key bridge” – what a laughable political impossibility that would be.

Now, reality is inverted.

Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy

Consider how covertly destroying the bridge (using the energy weapons to ensure take-down while couching everything with the many anomalous antics such as power outage twice, ship ‘missiling’ perfectly into support pillar to cause absolute mayhem, etc) would invert all obstacles: Making people clamor for cleanup and replacement; causing funds to materialize for huge new bridge presenting no chokepoint for shipping; removing all political backlash; greasing possible payola; and empowering Baltimore as a future mega shipping port.  It’s a simple plan hinging on general ignorance and knee-jerk incredulousness.

The force of the falling material (which was of much lesser mass as the majority had separated and already fallen away) doesn’t do any more damage than the far greater force of all the material being supported for decades by those girders. Besides, those girders are not merely “bent” here and there but instead wholly wilted and drooping like taffy in sunlight on a hot summer day.

Also, the unedited full-length original night time footage (which is quickly being swamped by abbreviated versions) shows several “fireballs” (or “firey outbursts”, one is 5-storys tall — see the videos here) appear briefly, including one on each side of that north pillar, corresponding to the superheating of those girders. It’s amazing, and plausible with proven capability already decades-old. For that kind of damage to exist to those girders means energy weaponry was involved; therefore, this event was not accidental.

“Wilted” metal, warped like hot taffy, none of the expected cracking at the bends —

ABOVE: Strangely there is zero denting or pushing inwards, also no severe scrape marks at all. Instead, it appears as though an energy beam shot outwards from inside the ship, melting a hole through the hull without causing any denting — was a directed energy beam fired from above the port-side?

Correct Theory Explains 100% All Evidence, Now and Future

Correct theory must explain all evidence. Those obviously melted, wilted, drooping structural steel girders (that perfectly held up the bridge for decades but now resemble hot taffy) are a ‘smoking / wilted gun’. And, the firey-outbursts / fireballs (in the original night time footage) apparently show when the melting occurred. “Explosives” might be suggested, but absent is any flash or any residue or cratered pillars. Instead, the superheated girders appear orange-hot in both versions of the night-time footage. Other girders (near the south pillar by the ship) also show evidence of similarly ‘impossible’ warping, wilting, and extreme “hot taffy-like” bends having no cracks as would be expected sans superheating — without superheating, steel under any severe overstress does not wilt or melt but instead it cracks and shatters. The blue painted hull of the ship may echo how blue objects mysteriously survived in Lahaina. Is this not application of a New Kind of Weapon, introduced by President Reagan in 1983?”

Wilted structural steel —
Similar resultant damage may indicate similar cause — Steel obviously molten, “wilted”, paint burned off by superheating. But, there was no sufficiently intense blaze outside that day. Maybe something else was involved, another kind of energy? Even without touchy emotions, implications are extreme.

Similar Evidence Shows Bridge Blasted As Test

BELOW: Was this a more recent test?  Note the wilting and warping in multiple dimensions; also, the apparent superheating that burned away the green paint; also, the rapid rust.  Rustification and Dustification.  Hmmm.

BELOW: This MP4 video, cut from the unedited original and slightly gamma-boosted, clearly shows several fireballs / fiery-outbursts including three major fireballs plus the apparent dustification of the steel girders, apparent because the solid black silhouettes become transparent as they appear to turn into dust within moments.  Download it, play it using VLC freeware.  Watch it fullscreen and pay attention to left-side of left pillar then both sides of right pillar.  Dustification happens mainly to the left side of right pillar.  Breathtaking.  Hidden in plain sight.  A New Kind of weapon that’s invisible, can melt steel and turn it into dust within seconds…and that most people not only can not conceive but will not believe even when they see it (OKC, 911, Pentagon, Key Bridge, and more).  It’s hard to imagine reality in light of this Finger-of-God superweapon.

With the Chinese super-cranes already at-the-ready and now the final chokepoint cleared (the Key Bridge), expect Baltimore to promptly take up its role as a premiere, leading Mega-Port.

Original Version — being refactored from original timeline-driven frantic madness into individual threads, each able to grow over time to increasing clarity, sources, understanding.

Part 1 org — Growing Oddities and Questions —

Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy

“‘Conspiracy Theory’ is the trite perjorative designed to close-down lazy minds; an increasing number of discerning, sensitive smarties realize it actually means ‘Future History’ more often than chance ‘coincidunce’.”

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