Baltimore Key Bridge #60 – Still missing: Original emergency call from aboard DALI cargo ship

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Still Missing

The original call by any shipboard person to 911 emergency, or VHF 16, or even (more unlikely) directly to MDTA dispatch has not been released; instead, a recording of an exceedingly calm radio-call (given the mass-casualty presumed nature of the once-in-a-lifetime infrequent event!) from one emergency responder to dispatch center is being erroneously labeled ‘the first’ and ‘frantic, harrowing’ call even though no person aboard the cargo ship is on the recording!  Where is that initial call for help?

Original emergency call from aboard DALI

All calls to 9-1-1 are recorded by default, so all details can be reviewed if necessary.

Surely all emergency hailings on VHF channel 16 are also recorded by authorities in the busy and crucial port of Baltimore.

Even banks record their calls, along with nearly every other business in existence.

Surely all calls to MDOT and MDTA are all recorded, as well.

Where is that original recording, made from someone aboard the ship DALI ?

From a video comment — “Also, the 30 second police response is literally unbelievable, quite frankly – when was the last time anyone got such effective response within even 30 minutes, or 30 days? Also, highly suspicious is that immediate call being made to MD DOT instead of some frantic, panicky distress call on VHS channel 16 distress, or via cellphone to 911 — instead, we’re presented (like the ‘from-the-hijacked-plane’ calls) with likely fake: Calmest possible, slowest and clearest-talking person in emergency-call recording history (that, honestly, actually sounds like it was recorded in a studio by a trained voice actor); when what anyone would expect would be yelling, jittery, very highly agitated caller reporting imminent and soon-to-happen, life-altering Major Collision. Knowing MD DOT number or having it on speed-dial, and calling and then getting perfect PERFECT 30 second response is as absurd as believing two planes took down 7 towers — but hey, they fooled nearly everyone before, so why not again…”

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