DEW Hallmarks

DEW Hallmarks

Hallmarks of DEW damage include molten pooled flowing aluminum, superheated steel that usually insta-rusts, glass and other brittle materials melted or vaporized, flesh that is boiled then charred leaving clothing and hair untouched. Below is a comprehensive list.

Aloof, dismissive local authorities

Aluminum heated so hot so as to flow freely molten

Car Door Handles Absent

Cars Flipped – Levitation

Colored items (specific color(s)) survive nearly untouched (often blue, green)

Dissimilar Metals Absent (Nuts Bolts Fasteners)

Eyesight goes grey first, insta-cataracts; asphyxiation by stacked blood (Rouleaux formation) then blocked mucous passages including lungs.

Ferocious immolations

Firemen powerless to stop inferno

Flammables Cremated to White Ash

Glass Fracture-Shattered

Glass Melted Molten (Metal Particulate Infused Windshields)

Glass Porcelain Ceramic Concrete Dustified

High-winds, suddenly, out of nowhere, without good, “normal” reason

Houses cremated down to steel and white ash

Iron is insta-rusted due to oxydation at high-heat

Pre-cleanup crews, secretive, often in pristine new unmarked ‘gov’ white vehicles — gather and remove ashen bodies, plastics, rubber items from homes, yards

Plastics survive (just like in a microwave oven)

Steel Superheated Ignition Source ignites too-nearby combustibles

Tires Superheated by Steel Belts

Trees Shrubs Boiled Burned From Inside-Out

Trunks Hoods Popped Open

Vegetation dessicated (dried) but rarely burned

Vehicles usually completely toasted

Water makes it worse (microwaves spin water molecules, causing heat, microwave-oven effect)

Water-containing plants, animals and persons cooked alive from inside-out.

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