Baltimore Key Bridge #46 – The anomalous Gusset Plates, insta-rusted and devoid of nuts and bolts as if never present

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Anomalous Gusset Plates, nuts/bolts utterly absent

Insta-rusted and devoid of nuts and bolts as if never present

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Most steel girders in the 911 WTC rubble were also absolutely devoid of all rivets and/or nuts+bolts at the ends of the (also insta-rusted) steel support columns.  The holes were present, but no rivets nor nuts-and-bolts were present.  Not only that, but the holes were not deformed, as if there had been no resistance from bolts shearing, distortiong or pulling-apart during the collapse.

BELOW: On-barge after dredging.  Look at the incredible damage to the structural steel girders.  The warping, wilting, incredible distortions impossible from any known loading.  Look for any of the now totally absent nuts and bolts, all gone without trace (except undistorted holes) as if never present – nothing sheared-off part way and left twisted, all apparently vaporized; no holes distorted by pull-outs / pull-throughs.  The many impossible bends all crack-less.  Many separations of factory- if not foundry-made welds.  Delaminations of steel along strongest not weakest parts.  Over-stressed structural steel always cracks and shatters harshly and bitterly under load; it does not become like wet noodles.

Experience would expect most holes to be deformed and also have present at least some part of the deformed bolt or rivet shank.  It is the uniform absence of so many connective components in large groupings that is most striking.  A few here and there, sporadically, randomly, then maybe plausible; but large bunches, no half-done destruction but always total absence — that is outrageous evidence of some additional force, most likely Directed Energy Weapons.  Visible again are the anomalous gusset plates missing some or even all the nuts/bolts, as if they had never been installed, although every one had in fact been there prior to take-down via Directed Energy Weapons.

BELOW: Gusset plate having all nuts and bolts present.

Anomalous Gusset Plates

BELOW: Where did all those nuts and bolts go?  Vanished as if never present.  Plus, holes not distorted as would be had the bolts been “pulled-through” or “twisted-off”.  Nothing half-way: All fasteners present absolutely untouched, not even distorted; or else absolutely vanished without trace as if having never existed.  Look at that otherworldly warping and wilting of the structural steel girders.  Look at the insta-rust; this bridge was well-maintained, routinely painted — rust like that would have never been permitted and would have taken many years to develop naturally.  Also, look at those amazing bends, 100% crack-less.  Structural steel cracks and snaps when bent like that, if it can even be bent like that.  The only plausible explanation for the blatant ‘noodling’ of the evidence is there having been a superheating of the steel – this would also explain the rust!  The only known mechanism for such was introduced by President Reagan in 1983.

Anomalous Gusset Plates
What conditions of loading caused such otherworldly warping? Where did all those nuts and bolts vanish to?  “Vanish” is the Right Word because the holes show no distortions of anything having been “pulled through”, and there are no sheared-off or bent fasteners — in fact, all fasteners are either wholly present and untouched as if nothing ever happened, or they have completely vanished without any trace as if they had never been installed in the first place.  There is no in-between as might be reasonably expected: Zero bolts are left mangled or dangling; moreover, the vanished fasteners are never (yet seen anywhere as) one-off but instead always occur in large groups and always at locations of suspiciously prevalent “insta-rust” (that must have happened, at warp-speed, since the event).  What can cause such amazing damage?  President Reagan introduced one capable means in 1983.

BELOW: At the I35W take-down / test-run in 2007, the main culprit blamed was in fact a gusset plate!  Note the missing rivets in the gusset plate upper-left-of-center; note also the ‘burnt-thru / melted-thru’ hole in the steel beam, upper-right-of-center.  This burnt-thru-hole damage looks exactly like damage publicized by Lockheed Martin for its ATHENA DEW weapon (see second image below).

BELOW: Damage publicized by Lockheed Martin for its ATHENA DEW blaster exactly resembles damage seen at I35W DEW attack / test-run in 2007.  Source

Is this egregious anomaly of the clusters of many “vanished” nuts-and-bolts also best explained by Directed Energy Weapons which arguably might more viciously attack the smaller components made of disparate materials?  Given that the energy applied is electromagnetic, is it not most reasonable that materials having differing sizes, shapes and compositions will react differently to the energies?

The new-paradigm implications of the use of Directed Energy Weapons are profound.  But, facts are facts and all evidence is fully explained by the single, correct theory.

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