Baltimore Key Bridge #64 – Only in Baltimore does a smaller thing make a bigger, taller splash, more waves and noise!

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Baltimore Key Bridge – smaller, silent splash, no waves versus daytime reality

Original Night time footage (both versions) —

Entire bridge collapses

Falls from full height (350 feet highest point)

With water-displacing roadway

Makes a tall shadowy cloud, almost looking like dust or mist, that hangs-in-the-air for a very long time

Makes no noticeable waves traveling towards either camera

Makes no recorded (or reported) noise

Daytime footage of demolition —

Comparatively tiny girders

Zero water-displacing roadway

Falling from lesser height maybe only 30% of the height of the original bridge

But makes Huge Splash taller than the ship that dissipates totally quickly (no hanging cloud mist)

and bigger / more obvious waves

and a loud splash noise

The incredible disparity reveals something very wrong —

Was the original night time footage (both version of it) doctored, maybe even fabricated?

Does this indicate CGI was used in part or whole in fabricating both versions of the too-perfectly lit, framed, zoomed, and timed “Zapruder 2.0” recording of the Mega-Event ?

Did you miss the disappearing birds in other footage that may indicate CGI meddling?  Evidence of CGI — 2 disappearing birds —

Comments from videos —

“If trusses so hard and brittle then how did so so many melt and warp and wilt like hot taffy ?? Apparently many trusses were no stiffer than spaghetti. Only a blast furnace or added energy (from a beam weapon?) can cause girders to melt like that. Learned about this from CONSPIRA site 64-part exploration of anomalies.”

“Funny that the initial collapse was not even recorded by those two laughing kids at Fort Armistead. Other anomalies in the 64-part exploration on CONSPIRA site.”

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