Baltimore Key Bridge #65 – Several more excellent examples of steel girders snapping without bending at all – apparently wilting, warping, bending and other distortions only happen at night in Baltimore

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Daytime at the Francis Scott Key Bridge: Several more excellent examples of steel girders snapping without bending at all – apparently wilting, warping and other distortions only happen at night in Baltimore.

Twisting force.  Gravity.  No bending.  At 3:20 Ostroff says, “You can see they twisted off a section there…” but none of the girders bend perceptibly at all…a very far cry from the usually extreme warping, wilting, bending seen of so much of the wreckage that was melted by Directed Energy Weapons.

In fact every bunch of trusswork so far removed has never experienced a bent girder, possibly some slight giving-way, but never anything like the ultra-extreme warping, wilting, and tight-radius bends back on itself without any cracking whatsoever that so much of the debris has been melted into.

When not being blast-furnaced or melted by Directed Energy Weapons, the girders are actually extremely rigid and never bend under any design load (including two- to ten-times their own total weight, plus extra-margined beyond all feasible bridge loadings and energies added by wind, weather, etc) but instead crack and shatter.

Except that night when orange-fiery glowing outbursts happened at several spots along the steel superstructure that left behind numerous “impossibly” warped, wilted, distorted girders explicable only by heat added via blast furnace, or Directed Energy Weapons.

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BELOW: Original construction photos evidence astonishing rigidty, strength and complete absence of any bending whatsoever.

BELOW: Another example of the total lack of steel girders bending at all — At the pivot-point where the girders reach their mates on the deck of the DALI, there is ZERO bending witnessed.  Bending, and especially bending without cracking, requires molten steel, and that can only bec accomplished by blast furnace or Directed Energy Weapons.  Watch at around 6:25 in to

In fact, at the point of maximum velocity during the cantilevered pivot, the most-likely-to-bend girders absolutely do not bend whatsoever, not even in the slightest perceptible amount, but instead powerfully wrench free the short end, breaking it free, snapping it off from whatever it had been attached to (other girders via gusset plates, most likely) that are left sitting on the DALI deck.  6:41 shows this dramatically.  The whole parroted idiocy of ‘bent due to force’ is proven false by this single short clip.

At around 7:40 in this clip, Jeff Ostroff describes the steel girders following the explosion — “…it appears that the bridge truss actually [rigidly with bending] somersaulted up and over the edge of the bow…”

Also highly interesting is how the DALI does not shift in the slightest even after the estimated 3,000 tons of weight are fairly instantly removed from its bow.  This indicates that the DALI bow has indeed ‘missiled’ itself deeply into the edge of the shipping channel, which indicates that it was traveling at high speed with (apparently) intention to cause destruction, calamity, chaos.  Some video comments indicate claim that the forward compartments were intentionally flooded, to prevent movement of DALI after removal of trusswork.

When viewed as pre-planned conspiracy to take down the bridge for economic gain, everything, all anomies, are instantly and fully explained.  No simpler theory, story or explanation comes anywhere close.

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