Baltimore Key Bridge #48 – Dashcam of “last ride” across BFSKB taken “a few hours before collapse” shows no potholes, no workcrew on trussed or main span; google blocking street-view all dates

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Video says the driver was going to work in Dundalk; however, the video shows travel southbound, away from Dundalk.

The beginning of the video shows orange road barrels as if there may be preparations for road-work on the northern-end lower portion before the trussed portions.

However, daytime google maps view from 1-year prior shows same/similar barrels at the same location.

Google maps,-76.5115152,3a,75y,242.02h,84.93t

Release of the full version, presumably increasing clarity of timing and location, is promised after all the victims “come home”.

No major potholes visible in daytime footage

Most interesting is that no major potholes are visible in the footage.

Is it normal for a state suffering an admitted $3.3 Billion dollar budget shortfall to have workcrews mending small potholes? Prompt attendance to small details probably shows savvy bridge maintenance. But, recall that a few months prior, Md Gov Wes Moore had announced a $3.3-billion dollar budget shortfall. See Part #77.

All google street-view imagery removed

Also, google has removed all “street view” imagery – it is no longer possible to virtually visit or ‘drive over’ the bridge. Fortunately, we saved a bunch of pictures showing the trusswork, etc. See Part #76

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