Baltimore Key Bridge Energy Weapon Conspiracy Explains All Anomalies 90+ Parts

“This was a trillion-dollar costly event, ongoing, and yet all culpable persons remain unnamed, kept totally anonymous, with some reportedly having been slyly ‘escaped’ from the country! There is, in fact, zero publicly-verifiable evidence that any genuine Captain, Pilots or Crew ever existed; was DALI a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from its outset? No waves nor sounds at all were recorded nor reported by any nearby persons nor cameras. No interviews exist with supposed survivors; “family and friends” etc interviews reveal ‘dupers-delight’ micro-facial-expressions with other hallmarks suggestive of fraud. Rampant is the extremely suspicious damage with blatantly visible, verifiable anomalies totally inexplicable (and ignored) by official theory or story. Grand payola galore is already underway with loads more coming. This is another audacious yet sublime crime, militarized from gov to salvage to rebuild. There was no rescue skiff on scene as required by OSHA. No horn blasts from ship warned of imminent collision. The ship departed despite dire electrical problems, illegal at any time and even more highly unusual in the cold, dark night-time (part #94, first ‘after-sundown departure’ in two years). Criminal was this manufactured event, through and through, and that’s before considering the absurdly high number of other anomalies including the complicit, worthless, ‘kept-pet’ mass-media…”

Part #91 adapted from a video comment

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Baltimore Key Bridge Energy Weapon Conspiracy Explains All Anomalies 90+ Parts

The actual “conspiracy” is the use of Directed Energy Weapons to raze, for economic and political gain, Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, the obstacle to Baltimore’s promised future as a modern Mega-Port.

Sourced.  Deep.  Diabolical.  Focused.  Ongoing.  Shunned by controlled media, limited-hangouts, paid misleaders, ossified or meager minds, this unique-on-Earth series critically analyzes the many incredible anomalies from a ‘DEW-first’ approach. DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) fully explain all evidence, particularly the many melted, warped, wilted structural steel girders and their orange-hot fiery outbursts captured in both angles of the original night-time footage.  This series is a work-in-progress; treat it as such.

“An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.” – Sun Tzu

Destruction of bridge infrastructure was reportedly written decades ago in
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Baltimore Key Bridge Accurate Energy Weapon Conspiracy Explains All Anomalies 70+ Parts

An inglorious end to Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge

From 21:55 into “Whistleblower Eric Hecker’s disclosure on Secret Tech and more” — “I’m suggesting that we are in a peculiar circumstance where when things happen around us now, we don’t have the vocabulary to explain what’s really going on, so it’s very easy to [be led] into believing something that just fills the void.”

Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge during construction 1978 - holds itself up by cantilever design; its engineered "collapse" required multiple strike-point failures.
ABOVE Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge during construction ca 1978 – Holds itself up by cantilever design using strong structural steel girder trusswork; its engineered “collapse” required multiple strike-point failures. Apparently accomplished via Directed Energy Weaponry, several points of orange-hot fiery “insta-meltings” are readily seen in original night-time footage of the attack.
Clearly not fracture critical

Part 1 — Huge Fiery Bursts appear throughout night-time video, including some 5- to 10-storys in height

Part 2 — Baltimore Key Bridge List of Oddities, Anomalies, Unlikelihoods, Weirdness, Stuff highly “sus”.

Part 3 — Predictive-programming in massmedia

Part 4 — Staged Fakery and Anonymity Galore. Crisis Actors. Eyewitnesses. Captain. Pilots. Crew. Workcrew. Companies.

Part 5 — Expert mariner and other analyses

Part 6 — Predictions

Part 7 — North Pillar. Wilted Steel. Smoking Gun. Otherworldly evidence.

Part 8 — Reagan. Esper. Star Wars. Directed Energy Weapons introduced 1983.

Part 9  — Mysteriously Missing Material.  Missing steel girders. Steel noodles, warped, wilted.  Amazingly vanished nuts and bolts.

Part 10 — DEW Attacks Elsewhere. Similarities in resultant evidence. New findings.

Part 11 — Key Bridge stymied shipping size, traffic. Means. Motive. Opportunity. Promises. Payola. Profits.

Part 12 — Censorship. Rumors. Confusion on-purpose. Hallmark of psyop.

Part 13 —  North Pillar cleaned of DEW evidence

Part 14 — Impossibly gouged and pierced Thick Steel Hull. Destroyed South Pillar.

Part 15 — Quick Crime-Scene Cleanup. Plausible reason to rush.

Part 16 — Steel support cables radically unwound and splayed, just like the 911 elevator motors

Part 17 — Oprah, DEW, and Weird Gematrial and Numerological aspects evoke Matrix

Part 18 — Key Bridge Conspiracy Theories — Controlled “alt” media pre-planting weak “conspiracy theories” as strawmen for owned mass media to decry

Part 19 — Chesapeake 1000 crane sat adjacent to Bay Bridge within 24 hours after Key Bridge event – Pre-readiness indicates Foreknowledge

Part 20 — Everything wrong with the miraculous ‘Zapruder 2.0’ Alt-angle / B-roll video

Part 21 — DALI Previous Crash, Ownership.

Part 22 — So much Impossibly Warped and Wilted Structural Steel, what causes such crack-free, insta-rusted, multi-dimensional warping and distortions?

Part 23 — Was Washington State’s White River Bridge a “pre-test” of the DEW attack on structural steel truss bridge? Identical damage.

Part 24 — Actually impossible Superman-quick and Preposterously Perfect Police Presence to Stop All Traffic. Too bad none bothered to tell the workcrew.

Part 25 — Still missing, updated current

Part 26 — Lt Col Tom Bearden on “Scalar” Directed Energy Weapons DEW

Part 27 — DALI anchor dropped to slow ship? Chain NOT yanked back indicates it was dropped after ship stopped

Part 28 — ‘Cantilevered Collapse’ explanation proved another falsehood by original construction photos

Part 29 — South Pillar chunks. Warped, wilted girders. Crumpled, imploded containers. Dali deck. Insta-rusted Medusa-rebar. DEWs superheat metals.

Part 30 — FSKB taken-down because it stymied bigger, faster shipping

Part 31 — Massively Missing Material all over again; steel dustified by DEW?

Part 32 — About those ‘white-hot cutting bursts’ captured by “Toby Gutermuth” in Zapruder 2.0 B-roll footage from much-closer Fort Armistead

Part 33 — Priority Number One, Bodies

Part 34 — Mega-Balt – Promises for ever-larger and ever-more ships

Part 35 — Is the ‘unexpectedly quick progress’ of cleanup due to Missing Material, steel having been turned into dust like at WTC 911 ?

Part 36 — The Hoisted Truck, Zero Mud, Zero Damage, Pristine

Part 37 — Mud beneath shipping channel

Part 38 — About those “portions of the bridge that are embedded into the ship” – Steel Never Slices Steel

Part 39 — Silencing misleaders who shriek, ‘there’s no such thing as directed energy weapons’

Part 40 — Steel cracks and shatters during dredging – No bending without superheating by DEW

Part 41 — I35W Bridge also DEW’d

Part 42 — DEW you see?

Part 43 — The Collapse in Reverse – Look at all that orange-hot superheated steel

Part 44 — The meme of “so much debris” versus recovery of bodies

Part 45 — Where the steel go? All steel truss height exceeds water and mud depth – No part should be fully underwater

Part 46 — The anomalous Gusset Plates, insta-rusted and devoid of nuts and bolts as if never present

Part 47 — Historical images and sharp observations instantly end clownery — Why to beware the v2.0 of “Never let us tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories” – Will you really fall for that again?

Part 48 — Dashcam of “last ride” across BFSKB taken “a few hours before collapse” shows no potholes, no workcrew on trussed or main span; google blocking street-view all dates

Part 49 — OSHA requires skiff / rescue boat below bridge workcrew, yet none present in either night-time video

Part 50 — Shipping Channel, Depth, Mud, Clearance

Part 51 — Mismatch of 3rd camera footage from MDTA, CNN – more Fake News ?

Part 52 — The Key Bridge Official Story – current, factual, curated

Part 53 — Catastrophically overstressed structural steel cracks and snaps, it does not melt, warp or wilt

Part 54 — Peggy Hall Analyses

Part 55 — Cleanup Observer Quotes

Part 56 — Timeline & Original “Zapruder-2.0” created by Streamtime Live

Part 57 — UWO Unidentified White Orb flies across footage, same speed as trucks traversing bridge; evidence of CGI

Part 58 — North Pillar Fireballs of Molten Steel

Part 59 — No appreciable sliding of work trucks; bridge appears to fall faster from under center two trucks

Part 60 — Still missing: Original emergency call from aboard DALI cargo ship

Part 61 — Who is Maryland Governor Wes Moore?

Part 62 — DEWs, Dali, and Deathstar ties to Baltimore, Lahaina, Amarillo and other ’15-Minute-Smart-Cities-To-Be’ Land Grabs

Part 63 — Dali’s Impossibly Gouged and Stabbed Steel Hull – Steel never cuts through steel

Part 64 — Only in Baltimore does a smaller thing make a bigger, taller splash, more waves and noise!

Part 65 — Several more excellent examples of steel girders snapping without bending at all – apparently wilting, warping, bending and other distortions only happen at night in Baltimore

Part 66 — Was the South Pillar really just “stacked blocks”, made to be knocked-over in a mega-event?

Part 67 — No official clear close-ups of North Pillar before it was cleaned of DEW molten girders; now, pics aplenty

Part 68 — Classic psyop technique — Mind-control in Action, multiple perceptions of reality — They purposely “screwed up” the warning horn before the blast; some news recorded it, some news recorded nothing

Part 69 — Answering the ‘Ostroffs’, deniers, decriers of “conspiracy” involving take-down of Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge

Part 70 — Chesapeake Bay Bridge, only 1 foot more clearance than FSK … next takedown target?

Part 71 — “The bridge is fracture critical” – Original construction photos prove FSK bridge holds itself up by design, even with only one of the two main pillars – the complete collapse required multiple strike points

Part 72 — “Unified Command” Source for official photos, videos; Militarization; Crime families; Lincoln assassination Catholic conspirators hung

Part 73 — Controlled kept-pet mass-media WJZ CBS Baltimore – steel does not cut steel

Part 74 — Many containers aboard DALI suffered amazingly radical tinfoil-like crumpling and insta-rusting; Image search shows nothing similar, ever

Part 75 — About the Chinese Supercranes

Part 76 — google Blocking Street-view All Dates – Why if but to Thwart Independent Investigation?

Part 77 — Maryland’s $3.3B in budget cuts, Jan 2023

Part 78 — Baltimore Key Bridge Actual Energy Weapon Conspiracy Summary

Part 79 — Anomalies in Clean-up, Interesting Comments

Part 80 — Odd Molten Girders — No stress on them except gravity

Part 81 — A Conspiracy-First Look at Similar Evidence of DEW Attacks in Baltimore, Houston, Lahaina, New York

Part 82 — Ongoing Outright Lies and Deceptions – Updated 11 June

Part 83 — DALI Going to Newport News Military Shipyard – DEW Hole Gash and Gouge

Part 84 — USS Gonzalez advanced SONAR RADAR visits FSK take-down site

Part 85 — Mural – Art – Weirdness

Part 86 — DALI at Dock Impossibly Molten Steel Girders Galore

Part 87 — All those containers, months later, still not removed; wonder why

Part 88 — Escape of the Culpable Crew, STILL UNNAMED UNIDENTIFIED – exactly like unnamed terrorists or anonymous mass-shooters LOL

Part 89 — DALI starboard bow keel bulb possibly dented otherwise impossibly unscathed

Part 90 — Close-up but in-situ Exploration of Similar but Distant Bridge

Part 91 — Trillion-dollar Attack. Captain, Pilots, Crew all unnamed, set free. DALI escape to military cover-up Norfolk.

Part 92 — South Pillar Impossibly Damaged

Part 93 — YACA (Yet Another Captured Agency) NTSB Blaming Circuitbreakers for Phantom Ship DALI

Part 94 — Was DALI in fact a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from outset?

Part 95 — Associations and Meaning of the Word DALI

BELOW: Warped and wilted steel girders are irrefutable evidence of the metal having been melted.  Orange-hot fiery outbursts seen throughout the initial night-time footage correspond in time and location with the melted girders.  A blast furnace is one known means of causing such heating.  President Reagan introduced in 1983 another means.

Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons? What else can do this? President Reagan announced this technology in 1983 ("STAR WARS"). Clearly it works.
ABOVE: “Smoking, wilted gun” — ‘Impossibly’ crack-less, unshattered, melted-like-hot-taffy strong, structural steel girders left draped and drooping from the North Pillar, apparently having been superheated by Directed Energy Weapons.  Why?  Baltimore’s Key Bridge couldn’t be made taller, and its footings, already on-edge choking the shipping channel, couldn’t be widened.  It was the chokepoint in a long-promised and already underway major upgrade to the Port of Baltimore.  A new bridge probably ‘couldn’t be’ built (budget, politics) but a replacement could – much taller, much wider, allowing much bigger ships and many more of them.  Reconsider the “collapse” instead as ‘disaster-capitalism-2.0’ / ‘prostructive-razing‘: A least-resistance path to present payola and future profit.  Former ‘impossibilities’ inverted into reality after application of exotic weaponry introduced by President Reagan in 1983. The plan is simple, really, and beautifully twisted.

SummaryPart #78

Baltimore Key Bridge Accurate Energy Weapon Conspiracy Explains All Anomalies 70+ Parts

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